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Sue Radford declares ‘Noel is at last chance saloon’ as she admits ‘he’s let me down again’

Noel's in the dog house!

Mum-of-22 Sue Radford is not happy with her other half Noel in the next episode of their hit Channel 5 show, 22 Kids and Counting.

In fact, Sue has insisted that husband Noel is now on his final warning after his latest slip-up.

Noel, star of 22 Kids and Counting, explains: “Me and Sue never fall out, well not very often. But when we do… ouch.”

So what exactly did Noel do to land himself so firmly in the dog house?

Sue and Noel Radford on Loose Women
Sue and Noel Radford appear on Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

Sue Radford issues final warning to Noel on 22 Kids and Counting

Well, when Noel was left in charge off their massive brood, it resulted in late nights, gaming and a lot of sweets. And when Sue discovered three of her teenagers were still awake at 2am on the Xbox, she wasn’t thrilled.

Sue explains: “Our parenting styles are definitely good cop, bad cop. I’m the bad cop.”

To get the children out of the house, Sue books a caravan park in Northumberland and says she’s especially looking forward to seeing Max, 14, get some fresh air.

So when Noel arrives without Max, he and Sue end up sharing cross words. It turns out that Max managed to convince Noel that Sue had agreed he could stay home.

Clueless Noel explains: “This is the first time Sue has let Max stay at home whilst we go away. So hopefully he doesn’t burn the house down or anything drastic like that.”

When Sue discovers what’s happened, she asks Noel: “Why would I ever have said that’s an option?”

And in a piece to camera, she explains: “He should have been on a family holiday, away from his Xbox and his computer. I was fuming.”

The Radfords in 22 Kids and Counting
The Radford household is “bursting at the seams” (Credit: Channel 5)

Things get worse for the Radford brood

Things go from bad to worse when Noel decides to ask Max’s older brother Josh for help… and then forgets to talk to Josh about the situation completely.

Sue says: “Noel has let me down again, as usual it’s down to me to be bad cop. He’s really at last chance saloon.”

Thankfully, Noel manages to redeem himself just in the nick of time. After Sue is called away to help daughter Millie, whose own baby daughter Elodie has been hospitalised, things continue to get worse as the kids are allowed to order takeaways, gorge on sweets and turn up late for school.

But just before Sue gets back, Noel has a tidy up of the house and vows to be a bit stricter. He says: “I can totally see why Sue is tough with the kids. I feel pretty guilty that I’m the one that’s sort of sitting back and let the kids be kids.

“No more Mr Nice Guy. I am now bad cop.”

When Sue gets home, she says: “I was expecting it to be trashed and the kids to have taken over.”

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22 Kids and Counting airs Sundays from 8pm on Channel 5. 

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