Adam White on 24 Hours In Police Custody, Adam and his wife, Lindsay

24 Hours in Police Custody: Adam White supported as petition demanding justice hits 6k signatures

Viewers have shown their support

24 Hours in Police Custody “hero” Adam White has been backed by viewers after his case was featured in an episode of the show earlier this week.

Viewers were outraged when they learned that Adam, who had protected his home and family from would-be burglars, was sentenced to 22 months in prison.

Now, those viewers have set up a petition demanding justice for the 34-year-old.

Adam White on 24 Hours in Police Custody
Adam’s story outraged viewers earlier this week (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened to Adam White of 24 Hours in Police Custody?

Monday night’s episode of 24 Hours in Police Custody featured Adam White’s case.

Adam’s home was targeted by two would-be burglars back in 2019.

The father-of-two chased them away from his property in his car, running them off the road in a high-speed chase.

The would-be burglars suffered injuries from the chase, including a fractured skull and broken bones.

In a cruel twist, it was Adam who was sentenced to jail time following the incident, not the would-be burglars.

Whilst they were slapped with a suspended prison sentence and community service, Adam was handed a 22-month prison sentence.

Viewers of the show were outraged at Adam’s fate – and though he is now out of prison, are still demanding justice.

Adam White speaking to police officers in 24 Hours in Police Custody
A petition demanding justice for Adam has been set up (Credit: Channel 4)

Peitition set up for Adam White of 24 Hours in Police Custody

Now, a petition has been sent up demanding justice for Adam following the airing of his episode of 24 Hours in Police Custody.

The petition describes what happened to Adam.

It also alleges that the would-have-been burglars are reportedly looking to sue Adam for injuries sustained during the high-speed chase.

The petition, which was set up earlier this week, had a target of 5,000 signatures.

However, at the time of writing (Friday, December 2), the target has been smashed.

There have been over 6,100 signatures picked up by the petition now – and it’s still growing!

“This man should never have been imprisoned. Send the burglars to prison they deserve it,” one person claimed on the petition.

“Justice for Adam must happen,” another wrote.

Money raised for Adam’s family

As well as a petition demanding justice, a GoFundMe has also been set up for Adam and his family.

It was reported that Adam allegedly spent £50k on legal fees following the incident.

Upon hearing this, the donation page was set up in the hope of raising enough funds to give Adam the £50k he spent back.

However, like the petition, the target number has been smashed by well-wishers.

Over £153,000 has been donated to the petition so far – over three times more than what was asked!

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