24 Hours in Police Custody honeytrap murder

24 Hours in Police Custody fans hail it ‘the best thing on TV’ and slam ‘unbelievably cruel’ honeytrap killers

Father-of-six Saul Murray was brutally murdered

Channel 4 viewers hailed 24 Hours in Police Custody ‘the best thing on TV’ after airing a special two-parter entitled: The Honeytrap Murder.

Fans of the show begged C4 to air the show every week, and praised the series for showing just how good the police force in the UK can be.

24 Hours in Police Custody: The Honeytrap Murder went out over two nights on Monday, March 20, and Tuesday, March 21, 2023.

The two-part special followed the case of a naked man found stabbed to death in Luton in February 2022.

Horrifyingly, father-of-six Saul Murray was killed after being lured into the confidence of two women aiming to steal his Rolex watches.

Saul Murray in a swimming pool
24 Hours in Police Custody focused on the tragic death of Saul Murray (Credit: Channel 4/Facebook)

24 Hours in Police Custody: The Honeytrap Murder

Viewers were sickened as the police discovered the ‘honeytrappers’ were Temidayo Awe, 21, and Surpreet Dhillon, 36.

The two thieves eventually called on Cleon Brown, 29, and Ikem Affia, 31, to help kill Saul.

Saul had recently been released from prison and was trying to rebuild his life, living in a bedsit and getting a new job as a plasterer.

Temidayo and Surpreet – who Saul had been speaking to online – entered his flat on February 27, 2022.

Surpreet drugged Saul with illegal party drug GHB, before calling Cleon and Ikem to kill him.

CCTV showed that one of the men was carrying a large knife.

Shocking footage later showed a naked Murray following his killers to his front door.

There he collapsed in a pool of blood.

Tragically, Saul’s Rolex watches were later revealed to be fake.

The fact that Saul had nothing of value inside his flat makes the crime even more senseless.

All four culprits are now in jail.

Detective Inspector Dale Mepstead, who appeared on the Channel 4 show, said in a statement: “I hope that the knowledge that all four people involved in this horrific incident will be locked up for a very long time can bring some justice to Saul’s loved ones.”

Surpreet Dhillon and Temidayo Awe were both charged with manslaughter (Credit: Bedfordshire Police/Youtube)
Surpreet Dhillon, pictured, and Temidayo Awe were both charged with manslaughter (Credit: Bedfordshire Police/Youtube)

24 Hours in Police Custody hailed ‘the best thing on TV’

Many Channel 4 viewers shared their respect for the TV show on forums, online and on Twitter.

One wrote: “#24hoursinpolicecustody is the best thing on TV.

“Must be so frustrating being a police officer and just having no comment.

“This idiot isn’t such a big man now he’s been charged.”

Another said: “Oh my… just watched the latest #24hoursinpolicecustody.

“Always the best thing on TV, but holy [bleep] this one is making the old blood boil!”

A third typed: “#24hoursinpolicecustody still the best thing on TV.

“Remarkable combination of modern investigation and archive footage.”

“#24HoursInPoliceCustody is the best true crime docu-series ever,” agreed another. “The American ones are good, but the whole, behind the scenes access and slick production, makes this compulsive viewing.”

Viewers sickened by ‘unbelievably cruel’ killers

It should go without saying that those praising the TV show were repelled by the criminals themselves.

One viewer wrote: “The two-part documentary, 24 Hours in Police Custody, should be used for educational purposes. Honey trap murders are unbelievably cruel.”

Another said: “Watching #24hoursinpolicecustody about the Honeytrap Murder. I’ve read similar cases and it’s just horrific.”

A third typed: “24 Hours in Police Custody. Compelling viewing. Such sad and terrible events, but also some brilliant police work to ID and convict people.

“Guys watch out for the honey trap. Some of these chicks are evil, and their wideboys are even more evil.”

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24 Hours in Policy Custody: The Honeytrap Murder is now available to watch on All 4.

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Helen Fear
TV Editor