Kye Dell on 24 hours in Police Custody

24 Hours In Police Custody viewers ‘sickened’ over child rapist’s ‘short’ sentence

Channel 4 viewers were left horrified

Fans of 24 Hours in Police Custody were left horrified over the latest episode of the show that featured criminal Kye Dell.

The sex offender was 21 at the time he groomed a vulnerable girl. He was caught offering her a place to stay when she fell out with her mum.

It was revealed in the episode last night (December 5) that he raped her numerous times. He threatened to self-harm or hurt her if she refused to comply, it was alleged.

The episode ended with Kye Dell being convicted of numerous offenses, including rape. As a result of his crimes, he received a 14-year extended sentence.

However, it was revealed that he would only spend nine of those behind bars.

The outcome left many viewers at home shocked and appalled. And, as a result, countless took to Twitter to share their outrage over his sentence.

Kye Dell on 24 hours in Police Custody
Kye Dell was sentenced to nine years behind bars (Credit: Channel 4)

24 Hours in Police Custody: Kye Dell ‘groomed family members’

PC Heather Hutchinson, a specialist trained officer in Bedfordshire Police’s Rape and Serious Sexual Offences team, told Bristol Live: “In this particular case, the offender was in his twenties, but pertaining to be younger.

“At first glance, he doesn’t look like a predator, but was meeting with countless young girls, subjecting them to sexual assault and violence, encouraging them to send explicit photographs, infiltrating their homes and grooming their family members by building that trust so he could plan his attack and move onto the next victim.”

Viewers react

Fans of the show were quick to tweet their reaction.

“I’m shocked Dell received an Extended Sentence yet still only serves nine years. Christ, what would he have got if it wasn’t an Extended Sentence? Plus he breached his SHPO twice #24hoursinpolicecustody,” ranted one viewer.

A second said: “Can’t believe nine-year jail sentence for a rapist but two years for defending your property. I’m surprised @bedspolice did not charge the officer who broke the door down! #24hoursinpolicecustody unbelievable.”

The tweet was in reference to Adam White’s case, which has featured on the show in the past.

“What a poor 15-year-old girl. Absolutely disgusting #24hoursinpolicecustody,” said another distressed viewer.

A fourth hit back, ranting: “22 victims but only nine years in prison with five on a license – make it make sense kmt #24hoursinpolicecustody”.

“A nine-year sentence for raping young girls is a shameful outcome. #24hoursinpolicecustody,” insisted another outraged viewer.

Kye Dell on 24 hours in Police Custody
Channel 4 viewers were stunned by what they saw (Credit: Channel 4)

Police speak out after episode

After the episode, Bedfordshire Police said via a post on Facebook: “If you watched this evening’s episode of 24 Hours in Police Custody, you will have seen one of the themes featured centred around the grooming of young girls.

“Any child or young person can become the victim of grooming, no matter what their sex, ethnicity or background.

“The signs of grooming aren’t always obvious, and perpetrators will often go to great lengths not to be identified.

“They will often try to isolate the young person from their family and friends or ask them to keep the relationship secret, buy them expensive gifts, such as designer clothes, or let them have access to alcohol and drugs.”

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