What happened to Kane Mitchell in baby Teddie case?

24 Hours in Police Custody revisits baby Teddie Smith’s murder

A sickening case

24 Hours In Police Custody has been telling the harrowing story of 11-month-old baby, Teddie Smith, over two nights on Channel 4.

Little Teddie was murdered in 2019, suffering horrific, sickening injuries.

The first part of the documentary introduced us to his mother, Lucci Smith, and her boyfriend Kane Mitchell.

But what happened to them, and where is Mitchell now?


Kane Mitchell in 24 Hours In Police Custody
Kane Mitchell at the charge desk (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened to baby Teddie, featured in 24 Hours In Police Custody?

In 2019, the Major Crimes Unit in the Cambridgeshire Police took a distressing telephone call from Lucci Smith and her boyfriend Kane Mitchell.

Upon arrival, paramedics and investigating officers found that a small baby had stopped breathing.

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Taken to hospital, little Teddie was found to have a pulse and his breathing improved.

However, he was also found to have a fractured skull.

Only days later, Teddie tragically died from a bleed on the brain.

Kane Mitchell in 24 Hours In Police Custody
Kane Mitchell in Police Interview (Credit: Channel 4)

Horrific injuries

Subsequent investigation found that Teddie had incurred numerous awful injuries, including broken bones all over his body.

One member of the investigating team said Teddie’s injuries were on a par with Baby P.

Soon, 31-year-old Mitchell’s abusive behaviour came into sharp focus.

A time frame of 15 minutes was crucial in convicting him.

Investigators pinpointed that Teddie’s fatal assault took place on November 1 and that there was a 15-minute window when Mitchell was alone with him.

24 Hours in Police Custody, Series 9
DI Thomson and her team had to find sufficient evidence (Credit: Channel 4)

24 Hours In Police Custody: How long did Mitchell get?

Mitchell was found guilty of Teddie’s murder and received a life sentence.

The judge imposed a minimum 18-year prison term.

In his closing remarks Mr Justice Knowles said that although Mitchell – not Teddie’s biological father – had not intended to murder him, he had intended to cause serious harm to the child.

Furthermore, he called Mitchell an “overbearing partner”.

Lucci Smith in 24 Hours In Police Custody
Lucci in Police Custody (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened to Teddie’s mother?

When it came to Teddie’s mother Lucci, she also received a sentence.

Although she was also the victim of Mitchell’s abusive behaviour, she covered for her boyfriend throughout the whole case.

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She was found guilty of neglect, but was acquitted in charges of causing or allowing death and serious injury.

Furthermore, Miss Smith received a two-year sentence to a two-year community order.

The final episode of 24 Hours In Police Custody is on tonight (Tuesday January 4) at 9pm on Channel 4

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