Laura Hamilton and Jonnie Irwin looking downbeat

A Place in the Sun’s Laura Hamilton in warning over scammers using Jonnie Irwin’s name in money-making sting

Comes after Laura run the Marathon in memory of Jonnie

A Place in the Sun host Laura Hamilton has shared her upset after being targeted by “sick” scammers looking to make money off her late friend Jonnie Irwin‘s name.

Jonnie died earlier this year aged 50 after being diagnosed with incurable cancer. In April, Laura ran the London Marathon for WellChild in memory of her late co-star.

However, this week she’s shared that “sick” scammers are trying to con her followers out of money. They’ve done this by setting up fake fundraising pages claiming that Laura is still looking for donations on Jonnie’s behalf.

Jonnie Irwin being interviewed on GMB
Jonnie Irwin died earlier this year (Credit: YouTube)

A Place in the Sun star Laura Hamilton tells of ‘sick’ con artists

Speaking to The Sun, Laura shared: “I raised five and a half grand for them, but after I ran the marathon there were people saying: ‘Do you know there are people setting up scam pages saying I’m still fundraising for the marathon and still trying to get donations?’

“They weren’t legitimately for the charity and that just makes me feel sick that people were willing to do that when I was running,” she said.

Laura Hamilton speaking on Loose Women
A Place in the Sun host Laura Hamilton raised over £5k for WellChild (Credit: YouTube)

The A Place in the Sun star then added: “I had an official JustGiving page and then there are scammers that are sucking people in, saying: ‘Oh yeah we’re still trying to fundraise,’ and that is so terrible.”


It’s not the first time Laura has been targeted by scammers.

Last year, she told her fans to block and report scammers pretending to be her on social media to the police.

“If you look at my Instagram page it says this is my only page,” she said. Laura then added: “It’s just madness that people seem to do it. Very frustrating.”

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