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Before We Die: Channel 4’s thriller based on Swedish hit series

Lesley Sharp leads the cast of the new thriller, but can you watch the original?

A brand new thriller comes to Channel 4 this week, with an awesome cast and an unpredictable plot – and it’s based on a Swedish series of the same name – so can you watch the Before We Die Swedish version?

If so, how?

Here’s everything you need to know!

Before We Die second series
The cast of Before We Die on Channel 4 (Credit: C4)

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Before We Die on C4: What’s it based on?

Channel 4’s Before We Die is based on a Swedish thriller of the same name.

The series originally aired in 2017 and comprised of 10 episodes.

A second series of eight episodes followed in 2019.

The Swedish version of the show, entitled Innan vi dör, was filmed in Stockholm, Sweden.

The idea was created and written by Swedish screenwriter Niklas Rockström.

What is the plot?

The plot of the Swedish version follows police detective Hanna, whose colleague and lover Sven disappears.

Hanna takes over text message contact with an infiltrator Sven had placed in a criminal organisation who goes by the nickname ‘Inez’.

Hanna is a police inspector in the financial crime unit at the Stockholm police department.

The situation gets even more complicated when it turns out that Hanna’s estranged son Christian is involved.

The UK version follows the same plot, but with a largely British cast.

The action is moved from Stockholm to Bristol, and names have been changed.

Before We Die second series
Vincent Regan in Before We Die (Credit: Channel 4)

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Before We Die on Channel 4: How can I watch the Swedish version?

The Swedish version of Before We Die is currently available to watch on All 4.

All 18 episodes are free to watch on the catch-up service.

Series one is 10 episodes, while series two is eight.

The UK version of Before We Die begins on Wednesday May 26 2021 at 9pm on C4.

All six episodes will be available on All 4 after episode one.

How does the UK version compare to the Swedish version of Before We Die?

Actress Lesley Sharp, who portrays Hannah Laing in the UK series, watched the Swedish version to prepare.

She says: “Usually you’re sent scripts and you make up your mind from reading a character on the page, but I was sent a cut down version of the original Swedish series and asked to watch it.

“The proposition was ‘this is a TV show and what do you think of it? Would you like to be in our version?’

“It was a no brainer. I couldn’t stop watching the Swedish version. It was fantastic.”

When asked how the original Swedish version compares to the UK version, Lesley replies: “You’re immediately in a world of noir when you’re watching shows like The Bridge or The Killing.

“I think that the aspiration for the show is that it doesn’t look or sound like a UK cop drama.

“European shows are unafraid of investigating philosophical questions on behalf of their characters or elevating imagery or letting moments play out.

“I think that whilst there will still be those elements of ‘who did what’ in our version, hopefully the audience will get engaged with the psychology of these characters, invest in them and want them to find resolution and forgiveness.”

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Before We Die on Channel 4 starts on Wednesday May 26 2021 at 9pm. All six episodes will be available on All 4 after episode one.

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Helen Fear
TV Editor

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