Before We Die season 2

Before We Die season finale sets stage for potential season 2

The series ends tonight - and many viewers want more!

Before We Die comes to a nail-biting conclusion this week with a dramatic showdown between the police and the Mimicas – but will there be a season 2?

The six parter is based on the hit Swedish series of the same name.

Set in Bristol, it follows detective Hannah Laing as she investigates Eastern European drug gangs.

Here’s everything we know so far about a season 2.

***Warning: contains spoilers from Before We Die episode six ahead***

Before We Die second series
The cast of Before We Die on Channel 4 (Credit: C4)

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Before We Die season 2

Channel 4 has not yet confirmed if there will be a second series of Before We Die.

However, we DO know that there is a second series available of the Swedish version of the same name.

So it seems realistic to assume the British version could also spawn a second series.

In season two of the Scandi series, Hanna and her colleague Bjorn (Hannah and Billy) continue to hunt for the Mimica family.

They find new levels of corruption, espionage and criminality as they try to infiltrate The Circle.

Meanwhile, actress Lesley Sharp was revealed she’s keen for the series to return.

She told press: “They all survive by the skin of their teeth so they need a bit of rest and recuperation if they’re coming back.

“But you know, I think the thing is those questions are always down to – they’re sort of not really down to us.

“It’s down to whether or not the show proves to be something that people want to watch.

“You can’t second guess that. You can keep your fingers crossed because you think something’s good but there’s no knowing.”

Patrick Gibson, who plays Christian, recently told Digital Spy he’d also like to reprise his role.

He said: “There’s no plot lines that are left unanswered necessarily, but […] yeah absolutely [there could be] more, it could develop.

“I would love to [make a second season].”

Before We Die second series
Vincent Regan stars as Billy in Before We Die (Credit: Channel 4)

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Before We Die episode six – what happens?

Without giving too much away, the undercover police team attempt to bust the Mimicas’ drug smuggling operation.

But they are in for an unpleasant surprise…

Eventually, with Billy and Christian’s help, Hannah manages to turn the tables on the Mimicas.

The series ends with a dramatic and conclusive showdown.

Before We Die second series – what could happen?

The first series of Before We Die appears to set things up for series two.

Kane asks Hannah to “find the [bleep] who betrayed us”.

Reading between the expletives, he means which police officer within their unit was leaking information to the Mimicas.

However, viewers already know that Marcus (Josh O’Connor) is the mole.

A second series would likely follow Hannah’s search for the mole.

Actor Vincent Regan has previously said that a second series could explore drug crime outside of the Mimica family.

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Before We Die concludes on Wednesday June 30 2021 at 9pm on Channel 4. The full series is available to watch online via All 4.

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Helen Fear
TV Editor