Celebrity Big Brother housemate launches unexpected rant at Ann Widdecombe

Wow, don't hold back!

Celebrity Big Brother’s Malika Haqq is fed up with Ann Widdecombe – and she’s not afraid to say it!

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, 34, lost her temper and accused Ann, 70, of making others in the house feel uncomfortable.

Malika launched into a furious rant about former MP Ann while chatting with Jess Impiazzi in the bathroom.

And she is NOT happy.

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Accusing Ann of disliking “human contact”, a livid Malika asked: “I really want to know what is wrong with human contact?”

Jess replied: “Nothing but Ann hates it to the point she’s scared of it.”

Malika raged: “Then, Ann, you don’t do it! Don’t make that wrong for somebody else!”

She continued: “I will be really honest with you. I think Ann would really like somebody to touch her.

“I think maybe if somebody had touched her more often in life or been a little more affectionate then the concept wouldn’t be as foreign to her.”

Malika added: “If everybody is walking on eggshells and tip-toeing around you it doesn’t make for a cool environment.

“We can all be respectful of our elders but when it comes down to you making someone feel like them not behaving the way you want them to behave makes them look or feel a certain way, that is whack to me.

“I think Ann is pretty freaking bored in her own life and if she wasn’t, she wouldn’t be in CBB.”

Er, okay Malika. Say how you really feel!

Malika isn’t the only housemate who vented about Ann in recent days.

In last night’s episode, viewers saw Andrew Brady suggest Ann is “intimidating” some of the house, particularly the other women.

Andrew complained that the females don’t stay up late at night because Ann goes to bed early and they think they should to.

“Ann is intimidating. You can’t talk to her about anything as you will not win. Ann intimidates people,” he said.

“She intimidates the girls in that room, therefore the girls aren’t willing to stay up all night because it’s a case of, ‘Ann’s gone to bed at half nine, I’ll go to bed’.”

Shane Janek replied: “I think if Ann wasn’t here we would have a very different house dynamic.”

At that point, Ann came out to the garden to ask the boys where Ashley James was, as Big Brother wouldn’t turn off the bedroom lights until all the housemates were in bed.

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Ashley was in the diary room and, once the boys relayed Ann’s message to her, she skipped off to bed.

“That proves my point,” said Andrew. “Exhibit A.”

The drama rumbles on…

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor