Celebrity Big Brother viewers cringe over Rachel Johnson’s “embarrassing” behaviour

Our poor ears!

Celebrity Big Brother narrator Marcus Bentley needn’t worry about Rachel Johnson stealing his job anytime soon!

Viewers were in hysterics over Rachel’s, er, interesting impression of Marcus on Wednesday night’s show, as she pretended to commentate on her housemates’ behaviour.

Adopting what she believed to be a Geordie accent, Rachel said: “Rachel is lying in her bed waiting for Ashley to join her. Unfortunately for her, Ashley is with Ginuwine. Spooning.”

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And unfortunately for Rachel, viewers weren’t too impressed with her attempt at narrating the show!

Neither was Marcus himself, who called it a “terrible impersonation”. Ha!

Some couldn’t place exactly what accent Rachel was trying to achieve…

Others just found the whole thing cringe, embarrassing – and funny!

And some were quick to assure Marcus his job was safe!

Rachel is one of five housemates who have been nominated for this Friday night’s double eviction.

She was placed on the chopping block alongside Ann Widdecombe, John Barnes, Daniel O’Reilly and Andrew Brady.

But a twist revealed to the house last night means one of them could be saved.

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The housemates have been placed in pairs to compete in a series of challenges; the winning pair will have the power to save one nominated housemate and put someone else up for eviction.

You just know this is going to get very messy…

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor