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Cillian Murphy WILL return in Peaky Blinders film on Netflix: ‘No holds barred. Peaky Blinders at war’

By order of the Peaky Blinders... They're back!

Cillian Murphy will be back as Tommy Shelby in a Peaky Blinders film on Netflix, creator Steven Knight has finally confirmed.

Two years after series 6 ended in 2022 – and after plenty of speculation from fans – the writer has teased an “explosive chapter in the Peaky Blinders story”.

The story started in 2013 with the first ever series, and starred the likes of Tom Hardy, Helen McCrory, Stephen Graham, and Anya Taylor Joy. But, of course, all eyes were on Cillian’s blistering performance as Tommy Shelby.

Cillian has since won an Oscar for his role in the film Oppenheimer, so it was never a given that he’d return as the gang leader. So understandably, fans “can’t wait to watch”.

Here’s everything we know so far about the Peaky Blinders film on Netflix.

The Peaky Blinders cast
Cillian Murphy is returning as Tommy Shelby in a Peaky Blinders film (Credit: BBC One)

Will there be a Peaky Blinders film?

Yes, there is a Peaky Blinders film coming to our screens very soon – and it will be on Netflix. Even better, it will star Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby.

Writer and creator Steven Knight said in a statement: “I’m genuinely thrilled that this movie is about to happen. It will be an explosive chapter in the Peaky Blinders story. No holds barred. Full on Peaky Blinders at war.”

Meanwhile, director Tom Harper added: “When I first directed Peaky Blinders over 10 years ago, we didn’t know what the series would become. But, we did know that there was something in the alchemy of the cast and the writing that felt explosive.

“Peaky has always been a story about family – and so it’s incredibly exciting to be reuniting with Steve and Cillian to bring the movie to audiences across the world on Netflix.”

When will the Peaky Blinders film be released?

The film will go into production this year (2024), so won’t be released until 2025 at the earliest.

However, it will air for free on Netflix for subscribers.

Sophie Rundle as Ada Shelby in Peaky Blinders
Sophie Rundle as Ada Shelby in Peaky Blinders (Credit: Caryn Mandabach Productions Ltd/Stefania Rosini/BBC)

What is the plot of the film?

The plot is currently being kept under wraps. However, we know that it will be directed by Tom Harper. He previously directed episodes of series 1 in 2013.

Previous reports hinted that the action would take place in WWII.

Seven Knight has said that he wants the film to deal with the Second World War. He spoke to the Radio Times about his film plans, saying: “I know what’s going to happen in those stories and it’s about a sort of untold story that happened in the Second World War, which Peakys are going to be involved in.”

Of course, fans of the show will know that Tommy fought in WWI and was plagued with PTSD, and nightmares about his time in battle.

Who will be in the cast of Peaky film?

Cillian Murphy will reprise his role as Tommy Shelby in the Peaky Blinders film.

He said in the statement: “It seems like Tommy Shelby wasn’t finished with me… It is very gratifying to be re-collaborating with Steven Knight and Tom Harper on the film version of Peaky Blinders. This is one for the fans.”

As yet, no other cast members have been announced. Although we’d be very surprised if the rest of the Shelby family didn’t return to.

Fans will know that Paul Anderson played Arthur, Sophie Rundle starred as Ada, and Conrad Khan joined the cast of series 6 as Tommy’s son Duke. Many of the other family members didn’t survive the six series…

Duke on Peaky Blinders
Will Conrad’s character Duke play a role in the film? (Credit: BBC)

Fans ‘can’t wait to watch film’

Unsurprisingly, Peaky Blinder fans were thrilled to hear the news of the upcoming film.

One wrote: “Amazing… Can’t wait to watch!”

Another said: “YESSSSSS! The king is back! Can’t wait to see Cillian Murphy reprise his iconic role as Tommy Shelby in the Peaky Blinders film – it’s going to be EPIC!”

A third added: “So stoked for this!”

“Tommy Shelby always has a way of making us glued to our screen. I’m so in for it,” said another.

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The Peaky Blinders film will air on Netflix in 2025.

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