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Gareth Gates declares ‘I’m not that cowering young boy anymore’ as he becomes only celeb to pass in SAS: Who Dares Wins

Gareth emerges triumphant

Former Pop Idol star and singer Gareth Gates became the only celebrity to pass Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Win, we learned tonight. Scenes in the reality TV show saw Gareth beat out his competitors to win the competition.

As tonight’s episode concluded (on Sunday, November 5), only three celebrities remained – Gareth Gates, model Danielle Lloyd, and former Conservative MP Matt Hancock. As the competition came to an end, the instructors determined which celebs had what it takes to pass the course.

Gareth Gates with the Celebity SAS instructors (Credit: C4)
Gareth became the only celeb to pass the course (Credit: C4)

Gareth Gates crowned winner of Celebrity SAS

“[Bleeping] good effort, all of you,” said Chief Instructor Billy Billingham, as he announced the winner. “Now you chose to come on what is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most brutal course in the world. So stand proud.” He then announces, “ Congratulations, Number 7 (Gareth). You passed… this course.”

Having emerged the winner, Gareth has revealed how he felt upon passing the Celebrity SAS course.

“It was a really crazy experience. To hear the DS at the end, when Billy said, “there’s only one person we’d actually stand shoulder to shoulder with. And that’s you number seven.” That was a really amazing feeling,” Gareth said.

He continued: “I think winning, or, passing was amazing but being the only one really meant a lot to me. Realising that this is real for these DS, was really eye-opening. We’re just here creating a TV show but this is what they’ve had to do for real. I just had huge respect for them, that they have to go through this for real whilst protecting our country.”

Gareth Gates doing a phsyical challenge on Celebrity SAS
Gareth faced a series of mental and physical challenges (Credit: C4)

Gareth Gates reflects on Celebrity SAS experience

The star went on to reflect on the physical challenge of the competition.

“There’s a real difference between being gym fit and being battle fit. I’ve always been of the mindset that you should to train as much as you can but not being able to converse with people makes me feel very weak, so I never expected to be the only one to pass the whole course,” he said.

I think all that comes from having had that drive to get myself out of the traumatic situations I faced with bullies.

“That was the last thing I expected because of my insecurities. But to hear that has proved something to myself and I hope people who have any form of affliction at home watched that and think that if he can do it, then so can I!”

“I’m also very, very competitive, but mostly competitive against myself. I’m always trying to become better and stronger. I train hard in the gym, but I’m also very driven in life. I think all that comes from having had that drive to get myself out of the traumatic situations I faced with bullies when I was a kid,” he continued.

Gareth Gates on Celebrity SAS
Gareth opened up about how he’d struggled with his stammer (Credit: C4)

‘I’m not that cowering young boy,’ star says, following Celebrity SAS

Talking about the biggest challenges he faced in the show, Gareth revealed what he had found hardest to deal with.

“It was really awful. The DS are very tough guys, but I couldn’t help but think that these guys were pussycats compared to what I went through as a kid. I think it was that inner hurt and those scars that got me through the course,” he said.

And the hardest thing? “Talking about my traumatic experience as a child. I also really really struggled with my speech. That was the hardest thing but also think another thing that got me through as well.”

I have actually grown into a man now and I can handle anything.

When asked whether he ever considered quitting the competition, Gareth said: “I told myself the only way that I was going to leave was if I was to become injured and they’d tell me that I can’t go on. Quitting just wasn’t an option for me.”

“It’s definitely made me a much stronger person. And that fact that I passed, so effectively won the whole thing, proved to myself that I am strong and that I’m not that same, cowering young boy who used to hide in the corner. I have actually grown into a man now and I can handle anything.”

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