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Gareth Gates: Stammer comment from Andrea McLean divides Loose Women viewers

The former Pop Idol star was on the ITV show today

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Gareth Gates appeared to stammer on Loose Women today and viewers have hit out at Andrea McLean for pointing it out.

The former Pop Idol star, 36, was on the ITV daytime show today (Tuesday, December 15) to chat about his singing career and experiences during lockdown.

At one point in the interview, presenter Andrea praised Gareth as she told him she could see him struggling with his speech – and urged him not to feel “embarrassed”.

Gareth Gates addressing his stammer on Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

What did Andrea McLean say about Gareth Gates and his stammer?

The presenter said: “I’ve known you through the years… you were catapulted into instant stardom when you were 17. I interviewed you way back then and I remember being so impressed with you in terms of your courage in coming out and doing things like this, like being interviewed on a TV programme knowing so many people are watching you.

“I can see that you are struggling with your stammer and you should be so proud of yourself, the fact that this is who you are, you’ve never hidden it, you’ve never shied away and just thought, ‘I’ll let my music do the talking’.

Gareth Gates addressing his stammer on Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

“This is part of who you are and you should be really, really proud of yourself. I can see that you’re struggling, don’t feel embarrassed about that at all, you’re incredible, Gareth.”

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Gareth replied: “Bless you, thank you. It is a battle for me and every time I have an interview on the TV like this, it’s always hard. However I’ve never shied away doing interviews.

“I have to force myself to do them in order to get better with my speech. So I actually really appreciate the opportunity.”

Gareth Gates addressing his stammer on Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

What did Loose Women viewers say about the interview?

While Gareth had no issue with what Andrea said, some on Twitter thought she should not have brought it up.

One said: “#LooseWomen no need for Andrea to comment on Gareth’s stammer…”

Another tweeted: “So annoyed at Andrea saying to @Gareth_Gates she could see he was struggling with his stutter.

You should be really, really proud of yourself. I can see that you’re struggling.

“Why did she have to bring that up, he was doing amazing and what a way to make someone feel embarrassed. I bet she wouldn’t have said that if he had a physical disability! #LooseWomen.”

A third wrote: “He’s absolutely incredible, in awe of him. His speech has vastly improved, an inspiration to all those with stutters. However, there was no absolutely need for Andrea to draw attention to it.”

ED! contacted ITV for comment.

But not everyone felt that way as others enjoyed the chat, while some praised “lovely” Andrea for the way she spoke to Gareth.

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“OMG I enjoyed that interview so much, you were brilliant Gareth,” said one. “I miss you so much, I’ll never forget you , Love you.”

“Oh @andrea_mclean you were so lovely to Gareth #LooseWomen,” someone else said.

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