Charlotte Hawkins and Amir Khan on Good Morning Britain

GMB today: Show accused of ‘scaremongering’ over ‘triple threat’ health warning

Dr Amir Khan was discussing winter illnesses

GMB viewers slammed the show today (December 29), accusing the stars of “scaremongering” over a “triple threat of viruses” this winter.

Presenters Charlotte Hawkins and new host Gordon Smart spoke to GP DR Amir Khan to discuss winter illnesses.

Charlotte started the discussion by asking why things like flu and other viruses are causing trouble at the moment.

She asked Dr Khan if there’s any truth to the theory we have less resilience and immunity due to not mixing during the pandemic.

Charlotte Hawkins and Gordon Smart on video link to Dr Amir Khan
Charlotte Hawkins and Gordon Smart discussed viruses with Dr Amir Khan on GMB today (Credit: ITV)

GMB today: Dr Khan explains virus threat

He replied: “This winter is the first winter we’ve had for a couple of years where we’ve had mixing going on.

“So we’ve got a background of people who haven’t really mixed with each other over winter periods due to Covid restrictions, and whose immune systems may be a little naive in that they haven’t seen the flu virus in the way that they would do.”

Dr Khan explained that while our immune systems aren’t necessarily ‘weaker’, they are more naive.

This means it takes them longer than usual to recognise viruses like RSV and flu, meaning sufferers have symptoms for longer.

He added that it’s a “bit of a perfect storm” this winter, especially as Covid can affect the immune system itself.

Dr Khan added: “Now that they’ve seen these viruses this winter, they’ll recognise them quicker the next time they come across them.

“Hopefully, this will be the worst of the winters. Next winter may be better in terms of coughs, colds and flus.

“Fingers crossed that is the case.”

Dr Amir Khan explained winter viruses to viewers (Credit: ITV)

Viewers have their say

But viewers weren’t impressed with GMB’s “triple threat of viruses” coverage.

One Twitter user wrote: “So now the ‘triple threat’ is the latest scaremongery. Does that also apply to simultaneously having a heart attack, being struck by lightning and getting run over by a bus. What are the odds.”

A second posted: “A lot of FEAR??

“Where is the fear @GMB are speaking of??”

Another replied: “Haven’t had a cold since pre-pandemic. Had the vaccine but no more.

“As for TV GPs, just stop. They’ve been scaremongering for the last two years. I listen to my own doctor, not the ones who don’t know me.”

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