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Henry Lloyd-Hughes: Breakout star of Amazon’s Mammals and past roles

Yes, he's THAT guy from The Inbetweeners!

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Henry Lloyd-Hughes is the breakout star of Mammals on Amazon Prime Video, but where have you seen him before, and who’s he married to?

Whether it’s a cockney bully or an upper-class gent, his talent always shines through.

Henry’s got a great sense of humour, too… His Twitter biog is: “The most famous actor you’ve never heard of.”

That’s certainly going to change!

So what has Henry Lloyd-Hughes been in, how old is he, and is he married?

Here’s everything you need to know about the Mammals star…

Henry Lloyd-Hughes in 2022
Henry Lloyd-Hughes is becoming a familiar face on our screens (Credit: Brett D. Cove/Splashnews.com)

Who plays Jack in Mammals?

Henry Lloyd-Hughes plays Jack in the cast of Mammals on Amazon Prime Video.

Jack was engaged to Jamie’s wife Amandine before she met Jamie (James Corden).

Henry tells us: “Jack’s the embodiment of a parallel version of Amandine’s life which she could have led.

“Which happens to be the life of an incredibly extravagant and fun-loving playboy.”

Despite stiff competition from Gavin & Stacey star James, Henry’s performance as Jack steals the show.

Was Henry in The Inbetweeners?

Henry’s breakthrough role was as bully Mark Donovan in Channel 4’s BAFTA-nominated comedy The Inbetweeners, back in 2008.

The coming-of-age series first aired on E4 between 2008 and 2010, and rapidly became a cult classic.

Henry admits fans frequently stop him in the street.

“If I see them gearing up to approach me, I spare them the embarrassment,” he told the Independent. “I oil the cogs a bit, saying: ‘Selfie, or it didn’t happen’.”

Henry also appeared in The Inbetweeners’ first spin-off movie.

Henry Lloyd-Hughes on the red carpet at Inbetweeners movie
Henry Lloyd-Hughes at The Inbetweeners’ movie premiere in 2001 (Credit: Splashnews.com)

What else has Henry Lloyd-Hughes been in?

Henry had a tiny part as Fleur Delacour’s date at the Yule Ball in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire back in 2005.

After his unforgettable role in The Inbetweeners, he starred in the TV movie Miliband of Brothers as

Roles in BBC2’s comedy Ambassadors, the period drama Parade’s End, and the movie Anna Karenina followed.

But it was Channel 4’s critically-acclaimed Indian Summers in 2015 which put Henry firmly in the spotlight.

Set during the time of the British Raj, Henry played the lead, private secretary Ralph Whelan.

Henry pushed the boat out on his research, choosing to volunteer with the civil service for several weeks.

“I wanted to know what kind of person did that job,” he told the Independent. “Not just did that job, but felt a calling to serve the British Empire.”

He said of his character: “Indian Summers isn’t a soft-focus look at the glorious lives of those living in the Raj.

“There are baddies everywhere… The question is whether my character is one of the goodies!”

Alibi channel viewers will recognise Henry as DS Nathan Rose in 2021 thriller Ragdoll.

He’s also known for playing Pontmercy in the BBC’s adaptation of Les Miserables, and villain Aaron Peel in the second series of Killing Eve.

Nerdy evil genius Peel even survived an encounter with Killing Eve assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer).

Henry said of his enigmatic character: “He’s complex, quiet and mysterious – almost in the same way as with Villanelle.”

In 2022, he also appeared in BBC’s love-it-or-loathe it drama Marriage, alongside Sean Bean and Nicola Walker.

Did Henry play Sherlock Holmes?

More recently, Henry played Sherlock Holmes in Netflix series The Irregulars. The series was based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Baker Street Irregulars, who appeared in some of his books as street-level informers.

Henry initially auditioned to play sidekick Dr Watson.

Taking on such an iconic role meant following in the footsteps of Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey Jr, and Jonny Lee Miller, to name just a few.

But Henry’s Sherlock is a very different take – he’s down-and-out.

He said of the series: “It’s Skins meets The X-Files – a kind of weird, surreal window into how **** it must have been to be young and poor in a hugely overpopulated city when things are going wrong”.

Sadly Netflix cancelled The Irregulars after just one season.

Henry Lloyd-Hughes in character as Sherlock Holmes
Henry Lloyd-Hughes as down-and-out Sherlock Holmes in The Irregulars (Credit: Splashnews.com)

Who did Henry Lloyd-Hughes play in The Durrells?

Henry Lloyd-Hughes starred as Durant in just one episode of The Durrells.

In 2018, Henry appeared in episode 3 of series 3, entitled The Durrells in Corfu.

During the episode, matriarch Louisa and Larry were visiting friends and family in England and overseeing Aunt Hermione’s burial, which means the house has been left to Leslie, Margo, and Gerry. Needless to say, it’s a mess.

Viewers saw Larry being invited to stay with some bohemians in London, including author Henry Miller.

After Larry misses Hermione’s funeral because he’s enjoying himself too much in London, Louisa decides to follow his lead and shows up at the door of the flat where he’s staying.

There we met Durant, Larry’s host, who promptly invited her to stay there, too.

And it wasn’t long before Durant showed his true intentions – by inviting Louisa to his room!

Has Henry got a brother?

Henry Lloyd-Hughes has an actor brother called Ben.

Ben Lloyd-Hughes currently plays Greg Grayson in the cast of Industry.

Henry and his younger brother Ben starred together as brothers in More 4’s 2010 docu-drama Miliband of Brothers.

Henry played politician David Miliband, while Ben portrayed Ed Miliband.

At the time, Henry hoped it would lead to more acting roles together.

“I thought if we could play brothers it would open up a nice little sideline,” Henry told the Guardian in 2021. “But literally no-one has asked us to do it again!”

Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Durant in The Durrells
Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Durant in The Durrells (Credit: ITV1)

Is he married?

Henry married his wife Rose in 2014.

According to reports, Rose is a journalist and the couple have two daughters.

They occasionally share photos of themselves on social media, but keep their children’s faces hidden.

How old is Henry Lloyd-Hughes?

Henry was born on August 11 1985.

He is currently 37 years of age.

His younger brother Ben Lloyd-Hughes was born in 1988, and is 34.

Where is Henry Lloyd-Hughes from?

Henry Lloyd-Hughes was born in London.

He’s the son of actress Lucy Appleby, star of A Stitch in Time, and Timothy Lloyd-Hughes, a long-time senior executive with Deutsche Bank.

Henry has two younger brothers, record executive Theo Lloyd-Hughes and actor Ben Lloyd-Hughes.

What school did Henry Lloyd-Hughes go to?

Henry went to the posh London private school St Paul’s.

That’s why his accent still comes as a surprise to Inbetweeners’ fans, who know him as working class bully Donovan.

He lives in London, is a lifelong fan of football club Queen’s Park Rangers, and loves cricket.

Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Jack in Mammals
Henry Lloyd-Hughes does a star turn as billionaire Jack in Mammals (Credit: Prime Video)

Does Henry get seasick?

Despite swanning around on a super-yacht in Mammals, Henry gets very seasick!

“I got to play a game of Kwik Cricket on the top deck of the super-yacht in Mammals,” says Henry. “I sent that picture to all the lads in my cricket WhatsApp group!

“Here I was on a speedboat bumping along on the Med on my way to a super-yacht.

“It looked incredibly glamorous but, as I get very seasick, I was also dosed up on lots of pills to make sure I wasn’t vomiting over the side!”

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