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I’m A Celebrity 2023: Sam Thompson, Josie Gibson and Fred Sirieix personality ‘clash’ predicted by astrologer

Their star signs don't appear to be compatible…

One day before I’m A Celebrity 2023 kicks off and an expert has warned viewers to expect a rumble in the jungle thanks to the campmates’ conflicting star signs.

Sam Thompson, Josie Gibson and Fred Sirieix in particular look set to lock horns.

Astrology expert Tamar Hela said: “Leo Sam Thompson, with his inherent need for the spotlight and recognition, might find himself at odds with the Aquarius duo of Josie Gibson and Fred Sirieix.

“They might perceive his flamboyance as overbearing, given their preference for a more collective and unconventional approach.”

Sam Thompson
Will Sam Thompson lock horns with campmates Josie and Fred? (Credit: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity stars’ differences highlighted – a day before 2023 series starts

There’s no doubt Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson, 31, loves the limelight. Since appearing on the hit reality show he’s launched his own podcast and appeared on Celebrity Big Brother.

Tamar said the August-born star fully represents the “charismatic” star sign Leo. “[Sam] is poised to be one of the more magnetic figures in the camp. Leos are naturally confident, often finding themselves the centre of attention. Sam’s inherent charm and warmth could see him forming strong social bonds, an advantage in a game where alliances can play a crucial role.”

Josie Gibson
Josie Gibson might find Sam ‘overbearing’ (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile This Morning’s Josie, 38, and 51-year-old First Dates star Fred are both January-born Aquarians.

Tamar says: “[They] will bring a breath of fresh air with their innovative thinking. Known for their unconventional approach, Aquarians often stand out in group settings. Josie’s creativity could be a game-changer in problem-solving situations and Fred’s unique perspectives might offer the group new ways to tackle challenges.”

Fred Sirieix
Astrology expert Tamar predicts a clash between Fred Sirieix and campmate Sam (Credit: ITV)

Trouble brewing in the jungle?

However, Tamar added: “Aquarians can sometimes come off as detached or aloof, a trait that both Josie and Fred would need to manage to maintain strong group dynamics.”

Speaking on behalf of Casinos.win, Tamar added: “These potential clashes, dictated by the stars, could add an intriguing layer of complexity to the camp’s dynamics, influencing not just individual gameplays but the overall atmosphere of the show.”

I’m A Celebrity begins on Sunday November 19 at 9pm on ITV1.

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