OPINION: I’m A Celebrity is the biggest mistake Fred Sirieix has ever made as public see the ‘real’ star

Grouchy and very precious about that stove!

When Fred Sirieix signed up to I’m A Celebrity he probably thought that three weeks in the jungle would further endear him to the public.

After all, we can’t get enough of him on First Dates.

But after a series of clashes and snide remarks in the jungle, Twitter seems to suggest that the tide is turning on Fred, as one-time fans – myself included – perform a spectacular U-turn when it comes to their opinion of the Frenchman.

So could I’m A Celebrity be the biggest career mistake Fred’s ever made? I think it might just be…

Fred Sirieix pulling a face in the jungle
Fred Sirieix is not a happy bunny now he isn’t camp chef (Credit: ITV)

What a mistake, Fred!

Rewind just two weeks and I was delighted to see Fred heading into the jungle.

He’s easy on the eye, his accent is gorgeous and he just seems like an all-round good guy in that First Dates restaurant.

The first few days I was very much Team Fred, especially after Nella Rose’s outburst at what seemed like an innocent enough comment about being old enough to be her dad.

He’s a grown man. I’d rather hoped he would be above all this sulking and sniping.

He was camp chef and he was loving it. But jungle grumbles started to creep in over the washing up, and things just escalated from there.

After Sam Thompson was ousted as camp leader and Nella took over, she exacted revenge on Fred. She removed him from his camp chef role and put Josie Gibson on cooking duties. And it really didn’t go down well with Fred.

He pulled faces, he made snarky comments, he tried to tell her how to make chips and he talked about her behind her back. He’s a grown man. I’d rather hoped he would be above all this sulking and sniping.

Fred and Josie clash on I'm A Celebrity
Josie didn’t need any help making chips last night (Credit: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity – get Fred off my screen!

Now I’ve loved Josie since her Big Brother days. I’ve met her a few times and can confirm what everyone says about her – she is absolutely lovely. So someone going up against my jungle queen was always going to rile me.

But now I feel like my dislike of Fred is going further than just winding me up a bit. Which is a shame because I used to enjoy First Dates.

So will that be what everyone is thinking following his jungle stint? And, more than that, will they vote with their remotes when he’s out of the jungle and back in the First Dates restaurant?

If so, signing up for I’m A Celebrity might just prove to be the worst thing Fred’s ever done…

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Nancy Brown
Associate Editor