Ant McPartlin and Josie Gibson covering their eyes

ITV slaps I’m A Celebrity with ‘nudity warning’ as Nigel Farage strips off to shower

Josie Gibson couldn't believe her eyes!

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I’m A Celebrity came with a warning from ITV tonight (November 20), with viewers taking to Twitter in panic and some even threatening to call Ofcom.

Tonight’s episode featured Nigel Farage and Nella Rose taking part in the first eating trial. They were tasked with eating udders and anus, but with a nudity warning being read out ahead of the episode, viewers feared the worst… Nigel flashing his!

Ant McPartlin covering his eyes and Dec laughing
Ant said the image was burned onto his brain (Credit: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity 2023 slapped with nudity warning

Before the credits had even rolled the controversy started.

With the celebrities waking up for their first full day in camp, an unsuspecting Josie Gibson wandered down to the jungle shower.

“Fricking hell,” she declared upon discovering Nigel was in there having a wash and brush up.

Swiftly legging it, she headed to the Bush Telegraph to let it all out.

“I wasn’t expecting to see Nigel Farage‘s bottom so soon but I’ve seen worse,” she said, before quickly changing her mind: “No I haven’t,” she said, covering her face with her hands.

“Fair play to him, he’s not shy, he gets on in there and at least he’s clean,” she said, giggling.

Josie Gibson covering her eyes on I'm a Celebrity
Josie got an early morning shock as she ventured down to the shower (Credit: ITV)

Host Ant McPartlin was similarly shocked as it went back to the boys in their jungle studio.

“Nooooooooo! Make it go away!” he said, covering his eyes. Declan Donnelly assured him the clip had finished, but Ant continued to wail: “It’s burned into my brain. Wow!” He added: “Not every day you see a politician naked in the shower.”

Good job he didn’t turn around, she might have seen the honourable member.

“Poor Josie got a fright, didn’t she,” Dec added. “Good job he didn’t turn around, she might have seen the honourable member,” he joked, as Ant cried: “Shhhh. Now I’m thinking of it. I never wanted to think of it!”

Nigel Farage showering in the jungle
‘At least he’s clean,’ Josie quipped (Credit: ITV)

ITV viewers react to I’m A Celebrity nudity

I’m A Celebrity  2023 viewers were straight on the hashtag as soon as the words nudity warning were uttered.

“Nudity? Please be Fred not Farage,” said one. “Nudity warning on tonight’s show. Please tell me it’s not Farage,” said another. “With nudity? Not Nigel? Yikes!”

“‘With nudity, next is I’m A Celebrity,’ Oh god,” said another. “Farage is going to show us all his [bleep], isn’t he?” another predicted. “I better not see Nigel’s [bleep], I’ll scream and report to Ofcom,” said another. Another added: “@ofcom please ensure @ITV have trigger warnings when I’m witnessing Nigel in the shower thank you. I will be invoicing my therapy bill.”

We’re guessing the Marmite politician might be keeping the regulator busy for the next few weeks…

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