Jamie Lynn Spears getting upset on I'm A Celebrity

I’m A Celebrity: Jamie Lynn Spears tipped to walk out after crying because she misses her kids, fans predict

Even a bath and a song from Marvin couldn't lift her spirits

I’m A Celebrity fans reckon Britney’s sister Jamie Lynn Spears will quit the show following an emotional breakdown tonight (November 20).

Tonight’s episode saw Jamie Lynn cry twice – once when telling Fred Sirieix about her teen pregnancy, and later when she told Danielle Harold that she missed her kids.

Her I’m A Celebrity campmates were absolutely lovely to her, running her a bath and singing her a song. However, the same couldn’t be said for those watching at home…

Jamie Lynn Spears getting upset on I'm A Celebrity
I’m A Celebrity fans think Jamie Lynn will walk before she’s eliminated (Credit: ITV)

Jamie Lynn Spears to exit show?

After just a day in camp Jamie Lynn started speaking about her family, crying twice to her new jungle pals.

After Jamie Lynn confessed to being homesick and missing her kids, Danielle rallied the troops to run her a hot bath. Fred, Danielle, Sam and Nella ran the bath. Danielle said: “The bath is like gold, it fixes everyone.”

Marvin then went up to sing Let Me Love You to Jamie Lynn while Danielle kept the water going and Fred provided percussion on a bucket.

Jamie Lynn said in the Bush Telegraph afterwards: “It was so nice, they were literally serenading me and bathing me. It was so funny, it was wonderful. I don’t think my husband’s ever done anything like that for me. It was so nice.”

Viewers react

However, that didn’t quite translate on screen, and viewers were quick to predict that they think Jamie Lynn will walk before she can be evicted.

“Don’t think Jamie Lynn will be in for much longer,” said one. Another commented: “Jamie Lynn will stay just long enough to earn her fee then she’ll quit!” A third said: “Jamie Lynn. Gone by Sunday.” “Jamie Lynn deffo gonna walk,” another predicted. “Jamie Lynn permanently looks like she doesn’t want to be here,” another commented. 

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Nancy Brown
Associate Editor