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ITV Honour: Banaz Mahmod must never be forgotten, warn ITV viewers

Viewers were driven to floods of tears by the harrowing ITV drama Honour

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ITV real-life drama Honour aired its final episode on Tuesday night.

Viewers took to social media in droves to urge viewers to not forget about Banaz Mahmod or her tragic death.

As the two-part ITV drama came to a close, viewers were left both horrified and impressed by the powerful acting.

Honour explored the honour killing of Iraqi Kurdish woman Banaz Mahmod from South London.

keeley hawes itv honour
Keeley Hawes played DCI Caroline Goode in Honour (Credit: ITV)

What is Honour on ITV about?

Banaz was murdered in January 2006 aged 20 upon orders from her own family.

She had abandoned an abusive arranged marriage and embarked on a new relationship.

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The intense ITV series starred Keeley Hawes. It explored the police investigation – and how in many ways it failed Banaz.

Twitter viewers begged viewers to remember the young woman’s memory.

honour itv
Banaz lost her life for disobeying her family’s wishes (Credit: ITV)

Who was Banaz Mahmod?

One viewer tweeted: “Remember this beautiful angelic face and say her name. There is no honour in killing. You will always live in my heart Banaz.”

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A second viewer urged: “A powerful message and a story that really needs to be told! #HONOUR Congratulations to all the cast + @Misskeeleyhawes sensational and to all  @ITV for telling the truth. R.I.P Banaz Mahmod. We Remember.”

A third user tweeted: “#honour is not an easy watch but it is so worth a watch. A devastating true story brought to life by an incredible cast. Justice won in the end as her killers were brought to justice. Don’t let us forget Banaz and keep her memory alive! Honour killings must end.”

honour itv
Viewers said they were in tears over the ITV drama (Credit: ITV Picture Desk)

How did viewers react to Honour on ITV?

Meanwhile many other viewers said they cried watching the harrowing true story.

One distraught viewer shared: “That poor girl unbelievable that anything like that could happen.

“Disgusting that her plight was initially ignored by the police because they didn’t understand. It makes me want to be able to turn back time. Reduced to tears.”

honour itv
Viewers praised Keeley Hawes in particular for her performance (Credit: ITV)

And another equally upset viewer tweeted: “Watching @Deeyah_Khan
’s #exposure straight after #Honour #HonourOnITV I can’t even begin to express what I’m feeling right now.

“Can’t stop tears flowing or my head from hurting as a result of the triggers. I’ll do what I do best, write my feelings & experiences- sharing to cope.”

Honour | This September | ITV

A further user shared: “Literally in tears. Crying for that beautiful young woman whose life was cruelly snatched away, for the sister who will never get over it, for the young man who couldn’t bear to live without her. Difficult watch but the message is clear – this had nothing to do with #Honour.”

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