Jasmine Harmon on Loose Women with Jonnie Irwin in bubble

Jasmine Harman in tears as she reflects on Jonnie Irwin’s death: ‘You never know what’s around the corner’

The pair started their TV careers together

A Place In The Sun presenter Jasmine Harman broke down in tears on Loose Women today (May 29) as she reflected on the death of her late colleague Jonnie Irwin. 

Jonnie sadly died back in February, aged only 50, following a battle with lung cancer that went on to spread to his brain.

As a montage of photos of Jonnie and Jasmine together was played on Loose Women, Jasmine became immediately emotional, confessing: “Looking at these old photos chokes me up, of course.”

She went on to movingly discuss her friendship with Jonnie.

Jonnie Irwin on GMB
Jonnie Irwin sadly passed away in February (Credit: ITV)

Jasmine Harman pays tribute to Jonnie Irwin

“It was a big break away for both of us from what we had been doing previously, going to working in television,” she said of the pair getting their big break on the Channel 4 show.

“We didn’t always film together as we were often in different countries but we used to get together at A Place In The Sun events all the time and we became really good friends, me and Jonnie. Jonnie came to my wedding.”

Jasmine Harmon on Loose Women
Jasmine Harman broke down in tears as she spoke about Jonnie Irwin (Credit: ITV)

She added: “I met my husband on the show and when Jonnie met Jess, his lovely wife, I just remember thinking wow she is the one for him.”

She went on: “And then they had their lovely boys. And yes, it really is a hard time…” At this point Jasmine broke off, overcome by emotion.

Kaye Adams supportively stepped in: “This is fresh and I totally appreciate this Jasmine,” she said. “I mean it has only been a matter of months since Jonnie passed away and the loss of a friend… All losses are difficult, but the loss of a friend going back 20 years is a particular loss.

“I don’t know, one reflects on their life,” said Kaye.

We can all cherish every day and live with as much joy as possible.

Jasmine agreed with this sentiment, concluding devastatingly: “I think you never know what’s around the corner and I think Jonnie’s situation, we can all take something from it. We can all cherish every day and live with as much joy as possible. And that’s what he did.”

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