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5 bombshell claims from ‘I Am Madeleine McCann girl”s explosive Dr Phil interview

Julia claims to be the missing Madeleine

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Julia Wendell, who claims she could be missing Madeleine McCann, made an appearance on US TV show, Dr. Phil yesterday (Monday, March 27).

There were a number of bombshell moments in the interview.

Julia Wendell - aka I am Madeleine McCann girl - on Dr. Phil
Julia was on Dr. Phil yesterday (Credit: Dr. Phil / YouTube)

Julia Wendell – who claims to be Madeleine McCann – on Dr. Phil

Yesterday saw Julia make her first appearance on television as she appeared on US TV show, Dr. Phil.

Julia, along with her rep Fia Johansson, a psychic/private investigator, spoke with Dr. Phil McGraw about her claims of being Madeleine.

1. Julia claims mother ‘didn’t show her proof’

At the beginning of the interview, Julia claimed that she began believing she may be Madeleine back in June 2022.

“Your mother, the people that raised you, maintain that she is your biological mother, that she gave birth to you, right?” Dr. Phil said.

“She said, but didn’t want to show me any proof,” Julia replied.

“But she says she went to the hospital and gave birth to you,” Dr. Phil continued.

“She says, yes. My mother, when I asked her for DNA – before this whole situation – when I asked for some pictures from her pregnancy, some childhood pictures, me at three or four, she refused. She didn’t want to,” Julia said.

Fia and Julia Wendell speaking to Dr. Phil
Julia hit back at her family’s accusations (Credit: Dr. Phil / YouTube)

2. Dr Fia makes hospital claim

Dr Fia then claimed that she had gone to the hospital where Julia’s mother claimed to have given birth in the hope of finding some records.

“We didn’t find anything,” Fia claimed. “We went to another hospital, they said the same things: ‘we don’t have any [records] here’.”

They also allegedly went to a third hospital and couldn’t find any records of Julia’s birth.

3. Julia claims she’s never seen birth certificate

Dr. Phil then read out a statement from Julia’s family, in which they claimed Julia has photos of her childhood, as well as her birth certificate because she allegedly took them from the family home.

“I never saw my birth certificate,” Julia claimed. “And I didn’t take pictures.”

Julia Wendell - aka I am Madeleine McCann girl - on Dr. Phil
Julia hit out at her ‘mother’ (Credit: Dr. Phil / YouTube)

4. Julia claims DNA results are pending

Dr. Phil then asked if Julia had had her DNA report yet.

“Fia helped me with my ancestry,” Julia said.”We are waiting for results.”

“And if that result is consistent with your mother that shows that you two are biologically related, what will you say then?” Dr. Phil asked.

“I think mothers should not do these things to their children,” Julia said.

Julia then said if her step sister came to her and said someone in the household had hurt her, Julia would take her away to keep her safe.

Dr. Phil then said: “So you said based on behaviour you don’t think she’s your mother as well?”

“True,” Julia replied. Dr. Phil then asked again what would Julia do if she found out her mother is actually her biological mother.

She said: “If she is my mother…I don’t know. I don’t want to have contact with her, that’s all. I believe that she isn’t my mother.”

5. Julia claims she would provide authorities with DNA sample

Julia then said she would provide the authorities with a DNA sample if her DNA shows that her roots are from Britain.

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