Derek Draper, Kate Garraway talking about her husband on Lorraine

Kate Garraway issues husband Derek update as she details ‘bad days’: ‘It’s very tough’

He is home from hospital, though…

Kate Garraway has reveled husband Derek Draper is out of the hospital after being rushed back in a couple of months ago after his condition worsened.

Kate provided viewers with an update on her husband during an interview with Lorraine Kelly earlier this morning (Friday, December 2).

Kate Garraway squatting next to her husband Derek Draper in a wheelchair
Derek returned to hospital in October (Credit: ITV)

Kate Garraway revealed husband Derek is out of hospital

Today’s edition of Lorraine saw the Scottish host speak to Good Morning Britain hosts Ben Shephard and Kate.

The presenting duo were speaking to Lorraine about their One Million Minutes campaign.

It was during this interview that Kate provided an update on how her husband is getting on.

Back in October, Kate revealed that Derek was back in hospital.

Speaking to The Sun at the time, she said: “Derek is back in hospital after developing sepsis that again threatened his life and we are again fighting to get him home.”

A few weeks later, Kate revealed that she was unsure whether Derek was going to be home by Christmas.

“Well hopefully before. He seems to be on the right side of it now and he’s desperate to get back home so hopefully before,” she told The Sun.

“I’m sort of living my life a day at a time if that doesn’t sound too ridiculous.”

Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard on Lorraine today
Kate spoke about Derek on today’s show (Credit: ITV)

Kate Garraway provides an update on husband Derek Draper

During today’s interview with Lorraine, Kate revealed that Derek is finally back home.

When asked how Derek is doing, Kate said: “It is a long onslaught.

“I can see he has better days, he has worse days. He’s thankfully at home now,” she then revealed.

“It’s been a long battle to get him back home again,” she continued.

“I think it’s very tough on him and it’s very tough on the people around me, actually,” she then confessed.

“All jokes aside, Ben, for all his unbelievable cheek, has been extraordinary,” she then said.

Kate Garraway speaking on Lorraine
Kate revealed that Derek is home now (Credit: ITV)

Kate talks Derek

The 55-year-old then continued, saying: “I can’t help but think, you Lorraine, all the people around me, must be fed up to the back teeth.

“And that is the problem, I think if you are caring or if you have a long-term situation like Derek has,” she continued.

“It doesn’t go away quickly and the fight goes on,” she added.

“The really important thing to say is that from Kate’s perspective she thinks that, but it’s just not the case for us, for ITV,” Ben interjected. Lorraine agreed with him.

“I can understand why you feel like that because it dominates your life,” Ben continued.

“Everyone has challenges. That’s the thing I’ve been really aware of,” Kate said. “I know people say, ‘oh she’s talking about that again’ and I don’t want to go on about it.”

“What I’ve learned is that you only really know what it feels like until you’re there. You imagine it, but you don’t know.

“And I now get contacted every day, which makes me feel less isolated, by genuinely, thousands of people saying ‘please say more because we are struggling’.”

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