Laura Tobin from GMB

Laura Tobin: GMB’s beloved weather presenter and her life off-screen

She's been with Good Morning Britain since it started

Laura Tobin is Good Morning Britain‘s favourite weather girl – and she’s also husband Dean’s favourite too!

The television star has been an important part of the ITV morning news show team since 2012, where she works as a metrologist.

Come rain or shine, Laura has always presented the weather with a smile on her face – even when broadcasting from a roller coaster!

Here’s what we know about the popular weather girl, her home life with husband Dean and her battle with family health.

Laura Tobin
Laura Tobin is a metrologist on Good Morning Britain (Credit: Splash News)

Who is Good Morning Britain star Laura Tobin?

Laura Tobin is a metrologist who works on GMB.

The television star worked for the BBC before she joined the ITV Daybreak team.

In 2014, Daybreak was replaced with Good Morning Britain.

Since then, Laura has been a regular on the popular daytime show, presenting weather bulletins for the programme.

In 2015, she was also a contestant on a celebrity episode of The Chase.

She even took part in Vernon Kay’s celebrity driving show Drive in 2016.

Is Laura Tobin Irish?

No. Laura Tobin isn’t Irish. The metrologist was born in Northampton, England.

Laura Tobin vegan
Laura Tobin advises us all to cut back on meat to help climate change (Credit: Splash News)

Is Laura Tobin vegan?

As far as we know, Laura Tobin is not a vegan.

However, she has explained in the past that cutting back on meat can help tackle climate change.

In 2019, Laura gave Good Morning Britain her advice on the “biggest” thing we can do to deal with climate change.

She said: “The single biggest thing you can do is to cut out meat one day a week. It will save a ton of carbon a year – the equivalent of not driving for six months.”

Is Laura Tobin a metrologist?

Laura Tobin is a qualified broadcast metrologist.

After completing her degree in Physics and Meteorology, the TV personality started her career at the Met Office.

She was then assigned to the Cardiff Weather Centre, where she gained broadcasting experience on BBC Radio Wales.

In 2005, she went to work for the RAF, providing aeronautical meteorology reports.

How much is Laura Tobin worth?

According to Wikipedia, the metrologist has pocketed quite the sum of money since her career took off.

She has reportedly amassed a net worth of almost £750,000 – although some reports state she’s a lot better off than that, with a net worth closer to the £3.5m mark!

Laura Tobin age
Laura Tobin is 40 years old (Credit: Splash News)

How old is Laura Tobin?

Laura Tobin was born October 10 1981.

This means the British broadcaster is 40 years old. And, when GMB fans discovered her age, they really couldn’t believe it.

Who is Laura Tobin’s husband?

Laura Tobin married husband Dean Brown in 2010.

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Not much is known about Dean, but they’ve been together since their student days at the University of Reading.

Our relationship grew and after about six months we fell in love with each other.

Laura previously told The Mirror: “The thing about Dean was he didn’t become too intense, send me loads of flowers, and he didn’t love me more than anything on earth.

“Our relationship grew and after about six months we fell in love with each other.”

The pair are happily married and they welcomed their first child together, Charlotte, in 2017

Laura Tobin and Dean Brown wedding photos

Celebrating her 10-year anniversary with her husband Dean, Laura shared a snap taken on her wedding day on Good Morning Britain.

In the black-and-white photo, you can see Laura posing in her beautiful wedding gown.

She said: “Aww look at my princess dress.

“[My daughter] Charlotte has never seen it so I’m going to try it on for her tomorrow.

“She’s going to be so excited!”

Laura Tobin daughter
Laura opened up about her daughter’s heartbreaking premature birth (Credit: ITV)

Laura Tobin and daughter Charlotte

The GMB weather girl has an adorable daughter named Charlotte, who was born in 2017.

However, Charlotte faced quite a tough start to life as she was born three months before her due date.

Charlotte weighed only 2lb 8oz and had a very weak immune system.

This meant that she was unable to live a normal life and socialise for her first two years.

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Opening up on her fears of giving birth prematurely, she told The Mirror: “If you knew what was happening, you’d be very worried, but I didn’t know I was going into labour.”

She then went on to explain that her co-star Dr Hilary was the one who told her she was going into labour.

She said: “Dr Hilary was on his way in, so Debbie in wardrobe phoned him and he said: ‘It sounds like she’s going into labour but don’t tell her. I don’t want her to worry. St Thomas’s Hospital is down the road which has the best unit in the country for premature birth.’

“I just turned up at the hospital, then it slowly dawned on me, okay fine. It’s going to happen.”

Laura Tobin looks like Kate Middleton
According to Maureen Lipman, Laura looks just like Kate Middleton (Credit: Splash News)

Celebs think Laura Tobin looks like Kate Middleton

Good Morning Britain guest Maureen Lipman recently joked that Laura Tobin looks like the Duchess of Cambridge.

The actress said: “I’m glad to see your weather lady is Kate Middleton. That’s very impressive.”

Co-hosts Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid agreed with Maureen’s comment.

Ben said: “She does look very like Kate Middleton, you’re absolutely right.”

Susanna also joked: “When they cast that film, Laura will be complaining if she’s not first in the queue!”

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