Gloria Hunniford chatting on Loose Women

Loose Women star Gloria Hunniford blasted by viewers: ‘Out of touch’

It seems she wants a very lavish send-off…

Loose Women star Gloria Hunniford found herself under fire after an appearance on the ITV daytime show today (February 22).

Gloria appeared on the Loose Women panel alongside Linda Robson, Jane Moore and Sophie Morgan.

However, a discussion about the type of funeral the ladies would like appears to have ruffled some feathers with those watching at home.

Gloria Hunniford chatting on Loose Women
Loose Women star Gloria Hunniford came under fire over her funeral wishes (Credit: ITV)

Loose Women star Gloria Hunniford under fire

After speaking about inheritances, talk turned to funeral plans.

And it seems Gloria has grand plans for a very lavish send-off.

Jane explained that the average funeral costs around £4,000, while a direct cremation – which skips the service – costs around £1,500.

“What a sad way to leave the life you’ve lived,” Gloria commented about the direct cremation.

“I want the flowers, I want the service, I want all my friends and family to be there.

“I want to be buried, I do not want to be cremated and I want a lead-lined coffin, just in case there are creepy crawlies,” she added.

I want the flowers, I want the service, I want all my friends and family to be there.

Jane said she felt that “you’re dead so it doesn’t really matter”. She then said she’d tell her kids: “Use the money and go and have a party.”

“It just seems to be a cold way to leave this life,” Gloria said.

Gloria then revealed that she wants Have I Told You Lately by Van Morrison played at her funeral.

“It says there’s no one else above you so it’s kind of like a hymn,” she added.

Viewers react

Viewers claimed that Gloria was “out of touch” with her comments.

One said: “Gloria Hunniford comes across as so arrogant and out of touch with how the world works – like she looks down at most people. Just can’t warm to her at all!”

Another added: “That’s great for you Gloria because you can afford a lavish funeral. A lot of people can’t.”

A third commented: “Privileged Gloria has no idea how life is for others.”

Meanwhile, another cruel viewer declared: “Gloria go away.”

Funeral pre-payment plans

Gloria did, however, speak about funeral pre-payment plans, clearly recognising that cost could be an issue for some people.

This is where a person pays for their funeral before their death, as part of a savings plan.

She shared that they are now regulated by the FDA so, should a provider go bust, the FDA will transfer the plan to another provider on the same terms.

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