Gareth Locke wearing a white shirt and Ollie Locke looking disgusted on Made In Chelsea

Made In Chelsea stars Gareth and Ollie reveal surrogate has suffered heartbreaking miscarriage

The couple shares the sad news during Made In Chelsea: Bali

Made In Chelsea stars Ollie and Gareth Locke have revealed that they have suffered another failed attempt of IVF after their surrogate had a devastating miscarriage.

The pair have been documenting their journey to fatherhood on Made In Chelsea over the last two years.

However, so far their experience has been unsuccessful as they’ve lost a total of five embryos.

In a new update, the couple sadly received more bad news as their surrogate has miscarried again.

Ollie Locke looking disgusted in Made In Chelsea
Ollie Locke shared that he felt embarrassed that their third IVF attempt was unsuccessful (Credit: E4)

Ollie and Gareth reveal heartbreaking miscarriage

In the first episode of Made In Chelsea: Bali, Ollie and Gareth shared the news that they could be expecting another baby.

The pair were over the moon as they told their friends: “You may know that last week we put an embryo in our surrogate, and under the Balinese magic jungle, we want to say that we are pregnant again!”

However in the following episode, the pair were devastated to reveal that their surrogate had miscarried again.

Speaking to Emily and Miles, Ollie admitted: “We just can’t believe it’s happened again.”

Gareth then added: “This is our third time. You know it’s like 60 per cent, 70 per cent chance whatever and every time it’s like… ‘Oh well next time surely it’s going to happen’.

“It feels like every time you’re going to have to redo it, it just feels like it’s a bit, a step further away.

“Obviously we’re in a very fortunate position, we can go again. But you know it’s not, it’s not easy.”

Ollie also confessed that he felt embarrassed by the fact that IVF hasn’t worked for the couple.

He said: “I haven’t even called my dad yet because I’m embarrassed by…

“And I’ll tell you the reason is, weirdly, I feel demasculated. And I know that’s really silly, but this is me talking frankly to you guys, and I know I shouldn’t feel like that, but I feel embarrassed that it hasn’t worked for us.”

Gareth Locke holding a drink and Ollie folding his arms in Made In Chelsea
Ollie and Gareth started their IVF journey in July 2021 (Credit: E4)

Ollie and Gareth’s IVF journey

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that Ollie and Gareth‘s surrogate has had a miscarriage.

The pair have been trying for a baby through IVF and surrogacy since July 2021.

They announced their plans to start a family on their Instagram saying: “Respectfully and excitingly we wanted to post and make an announcement that we have travelled across the world and under medical exemptions to begin our IVF and surrogacy journey.

“We know you have loved watching our journey so far and we can’t wait to take you on the adventure with us on the other side of the world and with any luck we might have some very good news for you in the coming months!

“We hope our followers understand and support us in this journey and that you appreciate the circumstances that have allowed us to travel outside of a normal situation. All love as always, Ollie & Gareth.”

However, their first IVF attempt was unsuccessful and their surrogate miscarried at six weeks.

But speaking to Good Morning Britain, the pair insisted that they weren’t going to give up on their plans to have a family together.

Ollie said: “So we have had one failed attempt of IVF, one miscarriage and we are going again next month for our next round.”

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