Martin Compston and Tony Curran in Mayflies

Martin Compston’s softer side in Mayflies and personal life with wife Tianna Flynn

The Mayflies finale plays out on BBC One tonight

Martin Compston fans have seen his softer side in Mayflies, but it’s surely a side of him the actor’s wife sees freuently.

Martin wowed us all with his detective skills in Line of Duty and now he’s made us weep while playing Jimmy in Mayflies.

He builds a friendship with Tully Dawson as a teenager.

However, 30 years later he receives news about Tully that turns his entire world upside down.

So, who is Martin Compston and who is his wife? Read on for all we know.

Martin Compston and Tony Curran sitting together in Mayflies
Martin Compston plays Jimmy in the new BBC One drama Mayflies (Credit: BBC)

Who is Mayflies star Martin Compston?

Martin Compston is a Scottish actor and former footballer.

Martin began acting when he was only a teenager and landed his first role at the age of 18.

His first big role was the lead in Ken Loach’s Sweet Sixteen, which was being filmed in his hometown.

He also won two awards for his appearance in the film, Most Promising Newcomer at the British Independent Film Awards and Best Actor in a Feature Film at the Scottish BAFTAs.

Following his big break, Martin became an instant celebrity and landed a role in the BBC drama series Monarch of Glen.

Who did Martin Compston play for?

It has been Martin’s ambition to be a professional footballer ever since he was a boy.

He is also a lifelong supporter of the Scotland Football team and Celtic FC.

Martin the left secondary school in his fifth year and signed to Greenock Morton football club’s youth team.

He then made two appearances in the 2001-2002 season for Morton.

Martin has also played for the annual charity event, Soccer Aid.

He shared his football talent with the world in Soccer Aid in 2018 and 2019.

The actor also recently played in Soccer Aid again this year on the World XI side.

How old is Martin Compston?

Martin was born on May 8, 1984.

This means that he is 38 years old.

Martin Compston and Tianna Chanel Flynn posing together on the red carpet
Martin Compston is married to wife Tianna Chanel Flynn (Credit: Cover Images)

Is Martin Compston married? Who is is wife?

Martin married American actress Tianna Chanel Flynn in June 2016 after dating for three years.

Tianna is famous for her portrayal of Teisha in Secret Diary of An American Cheerleader.

She also stars in How to Get Away with Murder.

The pair met in Los Angeles in a hotel bar back in 2013, where Tianna was a nightclub manager at the time.

Their wedding was a traditional Scottish ceremony in Martin’s hometown, Greenock.

In March 2020, the couple also had a son together.

Does Martin Compston have a tattoo?

In an interview with The Sun, Martin revealed that he got matching tattoos with his wife to prove to his mother-in-law that he was committed.

Martin’s mother-in-law, Sissy, served in the US Air Force and has worked as a cop and prison officer in Las Vegas.

He met his mother-in-law on a date with Tianna and he felt so intimidated that he ended up getting matching tattoos that same night.

He confessed: “I met my wife in Los Angeles and we went up to Vegas on a trip because my best friend was flying in with his missus for his 3oth.

“While we were there, I met Tina’s mum and she’s a Vegas cop and corrections officer. She took me shooting on our first date and showed me just how handy she is with that gun.

“So that night me and the wife got matching heart tattoos. I think that was probably out of fear to show her I wasn’t messing about.”

Is the real-life wife of Martin Compston in Line of Duty?

Yes, Martin Compston’s wife Tianna actually has a cameo in the series Line of Duty.

In an episode of Line of Duty in 2019, Martin Compston’s DS Steve Arnott receives a dating app message from a woman named Tina Watts and the producers used a photo of Tianna cuddling a dog.

The dog featured in the photo is also the dog that Martin and Tianna share in real life, who they named King.

Speaking to The Sun, Martin said: “What I love about it is that when you take him to the vet they shout out for ‘King Compston’.”

Who are Martin Compston’s parents?

Martin Compston’s parents are Jim and Liz Compston.

Little is known about the pair, however, they are fellow critics of Martin’s work in the cop drama Line of Duty.

Following a dramatic episode in the BBC One series, Martin revealed his parent’s hilarious take on the show.

Martin tweeted: “The most important reviews are in from my parents. My Maw ‘incredible son absolutely loved it’ my Da ‘it had an interview scene and car crash ya [bleep]’. Keeps ye humble.”

Mayflies star Martin Compston smiling
Martin Compston’s brother was a frontline carer during the coronavirus pandemic (Credit: Cover Images)

Does Martin Compston have a brother?

Martin has a brother named Barry Compston.

In an interview with Glasgow Times, Martin revealed that his brother was a frontline carer during the coronavirus pandemic.

He shared: “We have these people out there who are putting their lives on the line every day and logic dictates the longer they are out the more they are at risk of infection.

“My brother is a frontline carer and these are worrying times.

“Hopefully, the one thing coming out of this is that people are picking up the phone more and coming together.”

Martin Compston folding his arms in Line of Duty
Martin Compston plays Steve Arnott in Line of Duty (Credit: BBC)

Who does he play in Line of Duty?

Martin Compston plays DI Steve Arnott in the BBC One crime drama Line of Duty.

Steve Arnott is a detective inspector who is now considered one of AC-12’s leading investigators.

Talking about playing the iconic role, Steve told BBC: “I love playing him, I genuinely do. It’s a really tough part at times because he’s the moral compass of the story and a lot of the information comes through him.”

What has Martin Compston been in?

Martin Compston appeared in a number of small telly roles before landing his biggest part in the TV series Monarch of the Glen between 2003 and 2005.

Off the success of Martin’s first appearance in Line of Duty in 2012, the actor landed the lead role in the 2013 Scottish film The Wee Man.

He then starred alongside fellow Celtics FC fan James McAvoy in the film Filth.

Recently, Martin has also played Bram Lawson in the ITV drama Our House and Craig Burke in the BBC One series Vigil.

Other notable credits include appearances in Silent Witness, Traces and Death in Paradise.

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