Martin Lewis and Phillip Schofield frown on This Morning

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis fumes at ‘horrendous behaviour’ of energy companies on This Morning today

He was absolutely furious

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis hit out against energy companies on This Morning today (April 25), after a caller explained her issues over energy bills.

The GMB presenter and This Morning regular hit out against the “horrendous behaviour” of energy companies after a woman explained she was being forced to pay for her energy company’s mistake.

The caller, named Lisa, explained that her unnamed energy provider sent her an emails saying they had made a technical error. The expected price increase had not been previously applied to her bill, and they would take her money “now”.

Martin Lewis frowns on This Morning
Martin Lewis was furious with the energy company’s actions towards the caller (Credit: ITV)

Martin hits out at ‘horrendous’ energy company behaviour

After the caller explained the issue, she also told Martin: “I’m on a pay-as-you-go meter with no indication of what amount has been taken. Just a ‘woops’.” Martin Lewis was furious and told her: “I mean, that’s horrendous practice. So, let me understand this. They say they are going to take the money on the pre-payment meter? They are going to increase your rates to get back the money owed? How are they proposing taking this cash?”

The caller replied: “They haven’t explained it in the email. I have read in between the lines and they are going to take a certain amount each week off the pay-as-you-go meter.”

Martin shook his head and added: “It’s absolutely horrendous behaviour. There is a back-billing rule. I’m not sure there is any specific rule that covers this. Apart from that you need to be treated fairly.”

Martin Lewis frowns on This Morning
Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis promised to look into the issue further (Credit: ITV)

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis vows to help

Martin then explained he would look into the issue for her: “I’m not going to answer this on the show…I want to look at it properly.”

He encouraged the caller to send her details to the producers so he could look into the issue further for her. He added: “I will get in touch that energy firm and I will get in touch with Ofgem. It sounds like an unfair process. This was a price rise that affected everybody in the country. To tell you that you have to pay more on the back end because they couldn’t get their act together, seems outrageous. And it should not work that way.”

He then concluded: “We won’t name and shame the company now in case there is something missing.” Hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield suggested they should look at the issue in more detail next week.

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