Martin Lewis frowns on Good Morning Britain

Martin Lewis issues urgent warning to Brits booking summer holidays: ‘Horrible situation to be in’

A viewer shared their travel tragedy...

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has issued an urgent warning to Brits booking summer holidays after a This Morning viewer asked for advice with holiday refund issues.

A woman named Rita contacted the show yesterday (April 25) to explain a battle she was in with her travel insurance provider. She sadly explained that her son had passed away before he had gone on a holiday that she booked. After cancelling the trip, Rita expected to receive all her money back from the travel insurance company after following “all the proper procedures”.

Martin issued a warning to British holidaymakers after hearing the story.

Martin Lewis frowns on This Morning
Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis appeared on This Morning to give advice yesterday (Credit: ITV)

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis issues advice to British holidaymakers

Martin explained that the travel insurance company should have treated Rita with “more care”. He explained: “It’s a horrible situation to be in. You’ve done absolutely everything right and one would hope the travel insurance company would treat you with a bit more care.” He added: “If you’re not getting that refund, you need to understand why.”

Everyone else, if you have a holiday booked, get your travel insurance.

He then advised that many people “don’t realise” that the travel insurance industry is fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which means “you have a right to take the travel firm the financial ombudsman”. He advised Rita to write to the FCA to make a formal complaint about not receiving her refund. He added that this was free and required filling out a form online, adding that you don’t need “fancy language” or a “lawyer”.

Martin Lewis speaks on Good Morning Britain
Martin Lewis had a major warning for Brits booking summer holidays (Credit: ITV)

Don’t forget your travel insurance

The TV star and finance expert then issued an urgent warning to Brits booking holidays. Martin warned that “so many people” book their summer holidays but haven’t got travel insurance. He explained that isn’t worth risking in case something stops the holiday from happening.

Martin warned: “My rule on travel insurance is to get it ASAP – as soon as you book. In case heaven forbid, something happens to stop you from going away beforehand.” As he urged Rita to write to the FCA and seek a refund, he issued a warning about booking travel insurance. He concluded: “Everyone else, if you have a holiday booked, get your travel insurance.”

This Morning viewers were full of sympathy for how Rita has been treated. One wrote: “That insurance company is a disgrace. They need better policies for dealing with bereaved people! Please name them!” Another fan thanked Martin: “Everyone with any sense appreciates your hard work Martin.”

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