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My Mum Your Dad news: Elliott and Sharon ‘split’ but ‘remain friends’: ‘It just wasn’t meant to be’

Another couple bites the dust…

The news that one of the remaining My Mum Your Dad couples has split has been ‘revealed’ today – with Sharon Benson and Elliott Davidson reportedly ending their relationship months after the show finished airing.

Elliott and Sharon grew close soon after meeting on the dating show. The pair grew even tighter once she revealed the extent of her feelings for him.

After the show ended, the pair planned to move into Elliott’s Essex home together – closing the miles in their long-distance relationship.

But, with Elliott in Essex and Sharon in Sunderland, it appears that this distance was too much weight for their relationship to bear. MailOnline has reported today (November 18) that the couple have now split.

Elliott and Sharon on My Mum Your Dad
Elliott and Sharon met on the first episode of My Mum Your Dad… and quickly hit it off (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

‘It just wasn’t meant to be’

Speaking to the tabloid, a source claimed that the pair had faced recent pressure in their relationship. “Elliott and Sharon had every intention of making their relationship work, but they knew it was always going to be tough,” the source said.

They continued: “‘With Elliott’s job, he could only really come up to see Sharon out of term time and she’s had her own life-changing issues to deal with, namely her mother’s passing. They split on good terms and will remain friends.”

Elliott and Sharon had every intention of making their relationship work, but they knew it was always going to be tough

“You never know what might happen in the future. But they’re so glad to have met each other on the show and thoroughly enjoyed their time dating. But this time, it just wasn’t to be,” the source finished.

Fans suspected trouble in paradise when updates on their relationship ground to a halt. “You obvs aren’t with Sharon anymore!? Neither of you share anything anymore, been at least a month.. have you split?” asked one. “Are you and Sharon still together ? I miss seeing you together,” said another.

Later, Sharon shared the sad news that her mother had died during a “tough couple of months”. However, she had not mentioned Elliott in any of the accompanying posts.

ED! has commented Sharon’s reps and Elliott for comment.

Elliott and Sharon on My Mum Your Dad
Unfortunately, Elliott and Sharon just weren’t able to make it work, it’s claimed (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Your Mum My Dad – which of the couples remains?

With Elliott and Sharon now finished, that leaves just one couple from the show remaining. The second couple to come out of the show, Paul Edwards and Natalie Russell, ended things not long after the show finished.

That leaves only Roger Hawes and Janey Smith. Thankfully, their relationship seems to have gone from strength to strength since the show ended. They continue to delight fans with updates on their relationship, posted to their social media accounts.

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