My Mum, Your Dad star Tolullah reveals ‘other side’ to Martin M viewers didn’t see

Tolullah opened up during a TikTok live recently

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My Mum, Your Dad star Tolullah recently opened up about the ‘other side’ to Martin M that viewers might not have seen.

The ITV dating show came to an end in September. It followed single parents in a retreat as they tried to find love. Meanwhile, their kids watched on from a bunker and made all the decisions for their parents.

Tolullah was a stand out star in the series – mainly for being an absolute queen. She received viewer support after being rejected by Martin M.

Tolullah on My Mum, Your Dad
Tolullah has spoken about her time on My Mum, Your Dad (Credit: ITV)

Tolullah on My Mum, Your Dad

Going with her heart, Tolullah called her connection with Martin H off and admitted she had stronger feelings for Martin M. However, when she expressed this to Martin M, he had decided he felt stronger about Monique.

This is despite him seeming very into Tolullah. On her exit from the retreat, Tolullah made a savage remark to Martin M as he suggested she keep in touch.

Martin M said: “Goodbye, stay in touch Tolullah.” However, Tolullah replied: “We won’t.” Oooof!

Speaking on a TikTok Live recently, Tolullah opened up about the Martin M situation and what he was really like in the retreat. One viewer told Tolullah she had a “lucky escape”.

Speaking about going with Martin M, Tolullah said: “I had an experience and I went with the connection I felt was the strongest. You guys only saw half of the story.

“You didn’t see the other side of him. He’s not perfect, but he does have a nice side to him which is why I liked him in the first place.”

She added: “But yeah, he definitely was rubbish. There were many things about it which I wouldn’t tolerate in a relationship with anyone.”

Martin M and Tolullah talking on My Mum Your Dad
Tolullah and Martin M didn’t end up getting together (Credit: ITV)

It comes after viewers praised Tolullah for her ‘takedown’ of Martin M. After her ‘we won’t’ remark, one fan said on X – formerly Twitter: “Tollulah was so real for saying ‘we won’t.'”

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Another added: “Martin M to Tolullah.. stay in touch??? Reply from Tolullah… no we won’t! Gotta love these moments.”

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