Husband of Paul O'Grady on Loose Women

Paul O’Grady’s husband shares heartbreaking moment he took star’s dogs to his casket after request from ‘worried’ fan

Some 'engaged' with Paul as he lay in his coffin

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The husband of Paul O’Grady appeared on Loose Women back in April in his first TV interview since the much-loved star’s death.

Paul died in March 2023, with husband Andre Portasio left devastated by his passing.

Known for his love of animals, the Loose ladies expressed concern over the star’s dogs, asking how they were following the loss of Paul, and if they were able to say goodbye to the star.

Andre confirmed that, after a letter for an old lady, he made sure that Paul’s four-legged friends said goodbye to him.

Paul O'Grady's husband speaking on Loose Women
Andre spoke to the Loose Women today one year on from the death of husband Paul O’Grady (Credit: ITV)

Husband of Paul O’Grady appears on Loose Women

Loose Women star Coleen Nolan said: “When he passed away, I read it was recommended to you that you took the dogs to the casket to see him so that they could say goodbye.”

Andre replied and said: “It was funny because there were so many letters, and many people didn’t know the address. He would receive the letter and it would be like Paul O’Grady, home, Kent.

Just before he was buried, I took the dogs to say goodbye.

“Anyway, I opened this letter and it was this old lady, she was 85, and she was very worried about the dogs. She said the dogs had to say goodbye and that stayed in the back of my mind. And I thought, I must attend to what she’s asking me to do.”

He continued: “So, just before he was buried, I took the dogs to say goodbye. It was really interesting to see that some of them engaged with Paul but others just ‘sweeped’ out, as if he wasn’t there.”

Asked by Coleen “how the dogs are doing now” and Andre replied: “They’re doing fabulous!”

Paul O'Grady holding a dog
Paul was a huge animal lover (Credit: Cover Images)

Continuing star’s legacy

Andre also revealed his plans to carry on Paul’s charity work.

“I feel very responsible for what he started. You know, [Paul] was so many facets. He was a great radio DJ, broadcaster, performer and everything else. But aside from that, I think he was also very charitable.

“I think something no one really realised is that most of the charity work that he’s done was very private. So I feel I need to take the legacy forward and continue helping the organisations that he helped but also taking it further, so that he can outlive me in that sense,” Andre concluded.

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