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Saturday Kitchen guest Mel B leaves fans divided: ‘Give it a BATFA’

Scary Spice wasn't a hit with everyone though

Viewers of today’s Saturday Kitchen were left split over their opinion on show guest Mel B. The Spice Girl left some with a bad taste in their mouths over her behaviour.

However, others thought she was brilliantly honest and a breath of fresh air. Some even demanded the show wins a BAFTA for the episode!

Mel B grimaces and claws her hands on Saturday Kitchen
Mel made her likes and dislikes very clear (Credit: BBC)

Mel B on Saturday Kitchen

Singer and campaigner Mel was on to talk about her book, Brutally Honest. She also spoke about her domestic violence awareness work and the Spice Girls. Mel was faced with either her food heaven or food hell. And Scary Spice had been very specific about what she did and didn’t want!

“My food heaven is ox cheek, with sprouts that are softly done, but fried up with a bit of garlic, green beans and sweet potato,” she said. When Matt revealed there were no sprouts, Mel B looked annoyed and said: “Why?”

She continued to explain her hell is “a really thick, creamy, pasta-y, carbonara, I just don’t like that. It’s maybe the texture, it’s just stodge.

Unfortunately for Mel she got her food hell. And she was not impressed! She pulled multiple faces, made vomiting sounds and refused to even try it at first. She did eventually taste it and clearly wasn’t happy.

As Matt ended the show she shouted: “We’re not finished, I want you to cook me the beef.”

Mel B looks unimpressed with food hell
Mel’s face couldn’t hide her disappointment (Credit: BBC)

Fans call Spice Girl ‘rude’

Those watching at home were divided over Mel’s attitude, with many suggesting she had been ‘rude’.

“When someone goes to the effort of cooking for you on Saturday Kitchen show some manners. Don’t pull faces and make vomit noises. Just rude. Real shame: your passionate campaigning on domestic violence isn’t what will get remembered of this show, it’s your poor manners,” said one.

Another agreed: “Brutally honest yes but came over as rude to superbly skilled chefs, turning nose up to their food before even trying it.”

“Can’t be doing with the spoiled child, fussy eater, attention seeking special guest this morning. Apart from that, good show!” said one more.

A fourth wrote: “I do like Mel – but [bleep] me – I’ve never known such a picky, negative guest (save perhaps Naga Munchetty)…”

“Mel B is so rude. Making being sick noises and spitting it out,” added someone else.

Scary Spice grimaces
Mel impressed others (Credit: BBC)

Others enjoyed Mel B on Saturday Kitchen

There were plenty that didn’t agree though – they thought Mel made for really entertaining television. Some even declared the episode BAFTA-worthy.

“Really enjoyed Saturday Kitchen this morning with the car crash Mel B getting hell and not getting what she wants, what she really, really wants. Television platinum,” joked one.

Another added: “Mel B causing absolute carnage today – just what a live programme needs.”

“Mel B so brilliant this morning. I feel her pain getting Hell over Heaven – I hate carbonara too!!” said one more.

A fourth stated: “I officially love Mel B. Someone honest and funny on a cooking programme at last.”

Two other declared: “Bafta for Mel B on today’s Saturday Kitchen I reckon,” and “That was the best ever episode of Saturday Kitchen. Give it the BAFTA now.”

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