Seann Walsh and Katya Jones talking in an interview

Seann Walsh on what really happened behind the scenes after he was caught kissing Katya Jones

'I'm still sorry now'

Comedian Seann Walsh previously opened up about the scandal surrounding his infamous kiss with his married Strictly dance partner Katya Jones.

While competing on the show in 2018, Seann was caught on camera kissing Katya. At the time he was in a long-term relationship with actress Rebecca Humphries. The pair were living together. Katya, who is on the DIY SOS Strictly special today (September 2), was married to Neil Jones.

With his career in scraps, Seann returned to comedy to get his life back on track. And, in a YouTube upload of one of his shows, the 37-year-old came clean and detailed that tough period, revealing exactly what happened behind the scenes.

Seann Walsh and Katya Jones talking in an interview
Seann Walsh and Katya Jones were Strictly partners in 2018 (Credit: YouTube)

‘The dream turned into a nightmare’

Titled Seann Walsh: Kiss | Full Comedy Special, Seann opened up about the 2018 scandal and how it affected his life.

“I left the wardrobe department and before I could order my first beer, my agent came over to and asked if he could have a word with me outside,” he said.

His agent broke the news to him in the BBC car park. “[He] looked over his glasses and said: ‘About 20 minutes ago, they posted a photo of you kissing Katya outside a pub.'”

Seann explained that his life immediately turned “upside down” and that “the dream turned into a nightmare”.

Revealing what happened on the day of the kiss, Seann confessed that they went for a drink after training. “One thing led to another and we were photographed kissing outside a pub.”

“Awful, I know. It’s awful – I’m sorry. I’m still sorry now,” Seann continued.

Seann Walsh and Katya Jones talking in an interview
Seann said his world turned ‘upside down’ when the photos were released to the press (Credit: YouTube)

Seann received ‘thousands of abusive messages’

“I was then on the receiving end of thousands of abusive messages online. I did begin to wonder have I done something that wrong?” Seann asked himself at the time.

“Then…. Katie Hopkins tweeted in my defence,” he joked. “Then I thought yep, I’ve [bleeped] up!”

“Then Piers Morgan started defending me…. I had really [bleeped] up. At that point I was just waiting for Trump to invite me [bleep] grabbing!”

Seann recalled managing to “keep Brexit off the front pages for 12 whole days”. Nevertheless, he still “hated it”.

As a result of the backlash, Seann told the audience he left for America, stating it was “just the break I needed”.

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Seann Walsh: Kiss | Full Comedy Special

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