Jimmy Perez and Martin Otina looking serious in Shetland

Shetland S7 episode 5: 5 burning questions we have after watching Jimmy Perez BBC One drama

The series is hurtling towards the detective's sad exit...

Shetland episode 5 bought us agonisingly close to discovering the identity of the serial killer eluding Jimmy Perez and his team – and we have some burning questions after watching the latest S7 instalment.

Wednesday night’s visit (September 07 2022) to the beautiful island saw mysterious Martin exposed for who he really was – an undercover counter-terrorism copper.

Were you as shocked as us? Great twist!

And we discovered Lloyd Anderson’s real identity too.

But is he guilty of murder? Here’s the questions we want answering ahead of next week’s final of Shetland!

***Warning: spoilers from Shetland S7 episode 5 ahead***

Martin and Jimmy star at each other in Shetland
Martin Otina finally revealed his true identity to DI Jimmy Perez in Shetland S7 episode 5 (Credit: BBC One)

Shetland S7 episode 5 – who is the serial killer?

We STILL don’t know who is guilty of murdering Connor Cairns, Byrd Fleming, and William Rodgers.

Could The Painter Formerly Known As Lloyd Anderson be the culprit?

Now we know he’s actually a man called Walter Edwards.

He’s on the FBI’s most wanted list for killing a policeman in America – a crime he claims he didn’t commit.

But do we believe him?

Actually, yes, we do. But we’re not so sure about his wife Alison’s innocence…

We have a suspicion she’s heavily involved in all this somehow.

Who is leading the eco-terrorism unit?

In Shetland S7 episode 5, evidence emerged of another bomb-maker.

We learnt that Shetland has its very own eco-terrorism cell which Connor was most likely part of.

The penultimate episode of crime drama, Shetland, introduced the Flett family.

Fragments from Connor’s caravan suggested he was interested in the Braer disaster from the 90s – when crude oil spilled onto the Shetland coast, devastating local industry.

The team considered whether this could be Connor’s bomb-making motivation, interviewing locals Ally Flett and Jamie Narey, whose families were most affected by the incident.

The Flett family were horribly affected after the Braer oil disaster, which ruined their business and the natural wildlife.

Brother Ally was clearly up to something in the closing minutes of Shetland S7 episode 5.

Disaster loomed when a fully laden oil tanker became a target…

And, of course, at the end of the episode, viewers saw someone making another deadly bomb…

KEITH FLEMING staring at camera as Gregg Flett in Shetland
Keith Fleming as Gregg Flett in Shetland S7 episode 5 (Credit: BBC One)

Was there really a Braer disaster?

Yes, 25 years ago, the Braer oil tanker ran aground off the Shetland Isles in hurricane-force winds, spilling almost 85,000 tonnes of crude oil.

The tankers engines failed and it became clear the disaster was imminent.

The captain and crew of the vessel were airlifted to safety by helicopter after the vessel hit rocks in Quendale Bay, just west of Sumburgh Head, on the south tip of Shetland.

The incident happened just before midday on January 05 1993.

According to WWF Scotland, at least 1,500 birds died and up to a quarter of the local grey seal population was affected.

But the weather limited the full extent of the damage as much of the oil was swept out to sea.

Will Jimmy Perez be killed?

We know actor Douglas Henshall won’t be returning to Shetland after series 7.

The Jimmy Perez star announced he’d quit earlier this year.

But will he be killed off?

The final episode seems to be heading towards a huge bomb explosion unless Jimmy can stop it.

Viewers know that Perez’s sidekick Tosh has already – somewhat miraculously – survived a bomb blast earlier in the season.

More likely, Jimmy Perez will choose to walk away from his job with all his limbs, though.

The popular detective has been struggling with his mental health, and blaming himself for Connor’s death.

His state of mind, and obsession with his job, has come between his fledging relationship with Meg.

Come to think of it, Tosh’s state of mind isn’t much better at the moment either!

Patrick Robinson as Lloyd Anderson in front of easel in Shetland
Patrick Robinson’s character Lloyd Anderson is actually suspected murderer Walter Edwards (Credit: BBC One)

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Who was making the bomb at the end of Shetland S7 episode 5?

At the end of the penultimate episode of Shetland series 7, viewers saw something Perez didn’t.

We saw a hooded person making a bomb.

But who was the bomb-maker and who is the intended target of the bomb?

All will be revealed in Douglas Henshall‘s final ever episode of Shetland next week (Wednesday September 14 2022).

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The final episode of Shetland starring Douglas Henshall as DI Jimmy Perez airs on Wednesday September 14 2022 at 9pm on BBC One.

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