Nigel Harman talks about his upcoming performance with Katya Jones

Strictly: Katya Jones ‘angry’ over Nigel Harman quickstep as pair ‘slip behind’, body language expert claims

They weren't in the bottom two, despite harsh criticism

Strictly contestants Nigel Harman and Katya Jones have given off some tell-tale signs that they’re pretty peeved following their Blackpool quickstep, it’s claimed.

Body language expert Darren Stanton told Betfair Casino that he thinks Katya and Nigel have “taken their eyes off the ball” after being named as potential winners. He also confessed the pressure may have got to them over the weekend.

Nigel Harman looked visibly disappointed with his scores
Nigel Harman and Katya Jones had been tipped to win (Credit: BBC)

Nigel Harman and Katya Jones feel the pressure

Darren said that this week was a “real blip” for the Strictly Come Dancing stars.

In Saturday’s episode (November 18), the pair danced to Duke Ellington’s It Don’t Mean A Thing which left them second from the bottom of the judges’ leaderboard. They received a score of 31 points out of 40.

“This week was a real blip for Nigel and Katya, which none of us saw coming. They’ve really slipped behind this week. We also saw Nigel storm off after receiving his score. I think they thought they had it in the bag, and they could relax a bit. But they’ve taken their eyes off the ball and it hasn’t done them any favours.

“The pressure may have got to them and they will be feeling it even more now. We also saw a different side to Katya. Normally we see her feeling a lot of joy with no fake smiles, but this week she was putting on a front.

“She displayed signals of disgust and anger. It tells us that they felt humiliated to be in a low position,” he continued.

He will have to up his Strictly game this week

Meanwhile, Darren said that he was concerned for Nigel and that he would have to up his game on next week’s show. “I’m concerned for Nigel now, he really needs to up his game next week and prove his position.”

This comes after Nigel took to Instagram and shared an emotional post. The EastEnders star revealed: “We are continuing our focus on emotions this week. Today’s meditation explores how practising gratitude regularly can help cultivate a more positive mindset and increase feelings of well-being and contentment.”

Nigel called the time spent with Katya ‘joyful’

In other news, Nigel told the Daily Mail about his bond with Katya. He said: “‘I love working with Kats. She is so intuitive as a teacher, choreographer and person. We spend hours together and it’s joyful. We laugh a lot, and we get a lot of things done.”

He added: “She’s making me into a better dancer, I don’t know how she’s doing it but she is. Do I find her strict? I don’t think I do, no. Sometimes I need a bit of discipline because if you’re not careful I’ll start rambling about anything just to distract her, so I don’t have to dance.”

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Nigel and Katya Quickstep to It Don't Mean A Thing by Duke Ellington ✨ BBC Strictly 2023

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