Sue Radford’s fiery response to claims 22 Kids and Counting is ‘set up’

'I can't believe people actually would think this was set up'

22 Kids and Counting mum Sue Radford showed her fiery side as she responded to comments on an Instagram post that suggested elements of the Channel 5 show are “set up”.

The comments came after the official Radfords Instagram account posted a preview clip from the show. It saw the Morecambe home Sue shares with husband Noel and the kids being invaded by celebrity hunters.

As a result, the Radford family decided to upsticks and move – although the Channel 5 series airing now still features their old home and not the £850k farmhouse they were seen viewing earlier on during the season.

Sue and Noel Radford speaking on 22 Kids and Counting wearing white tops
Sue and Noel Radford star in 22 Kids and Counting, but it’s been hit by ‘fakery’ claims from viewers (Credit: Channel 5)

22 Kids and Counting fans decide show is ‘set up’

Commenting on the intrusion from the celebrity hunters, some former fans of the show admitted that they “can’t watch any more” and claimed 22 Kids and Counting is just too “set up”.

One posted: “Why is this series so stage? We were really disappointed after loving all the others, this one is just too set up.”

Another asked: “Are these actors? Last week’s was so staged.” A third commented: “I’ve just watched episode 1 and 2 of the current series. To me there’s a different feel to the filming and stories from all the previous ones. It comes across as more scripted and arranged as all the previous series. Is there a new director or producer working on this series?”

Another then declared: “Can’t watch any more! These scenes are so set up!!! Fake!!!”

22 Kids and Counting mum Sue Radford responds

But anyone who watches the show will know that Sue, used to ruling the roost at home, doesn’t suffer fools gladly. So she set about replying to a number of comments, showing her fury by adding the red-faced angry and swearing emojis to the end of her comments.

In response, Sue fumed: “Absolutely nothing in this episode was set up. I can’t believe people actually would think this was set up [angry swearing emoji].”

I wouldn’t dream of telling people where the Furys live.

Suggesting that the scene was fabricated, another critic said: “How the hell would a family from Scotland know your address? Only people who live in Morecambe would have an inkling where you live by the surroundings of your house and why have a film crew outside talking to them?!”

By then, it seems, Sue was all fired up and ready to respond.

“Because the TV crew were filming at the house when they turned up. Apparently they had asked someone where the house was and that person just told them [angry emoji].”

She then added of fellow Morecambe residents Paris and Tyson Fury: “I wouldn’t dream of telling people where the Furys live.”

‘Stop whinging and turn it off’

Some of the Radfords’ followers did have their back though, when it came to claims the show is set up.

One commented: “People moaning about #22kidsandcounting being set up all of this was filmed in 2023 – of course it’s going to be all over the place. It’s also a reality series. Some people clearly don’t have a clue. Stop whinging and turn it off if it annoys you that much!! Shhh!”

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