John Major, Jonny Lee Miller on The Crown

The Crown viewers all make same joke about Jonny Lee Miller as John Major

The new season launched this week

The Crown’s John Major depiction has had viewers talking since the new series launched on Netflix on Wednesday (November 9).

The new cast has divided viewers, with one portrayal in particular – namely Jonny Lee Miller as John Major – proving to be a big talking point.

Jonny Lee Miller as John Major in The Crown
Jonny Lee Miller plays John Major in The Crown (Credit: Netflix)

Jonny Lee Miller as John Major in The Crown

Season five of The Crown launched on Netflix on Wednesday, and it features a whole host of changes.

The fifth series of the show takes place in the 1990s – a decade that proved to be full of scandal and controversy for the Royal Family.

Season five promises to depict the fire that broke out at Windsor castle in 1992 and Diana and Charles’ divorce.

It will also give viewers a closer look at Charles and Camilla’s romance, as well as the infamous ‘tampon-gate’ incident.

A new cast has taken over too. Imelda Staunton now plays the Queen, and Jonathan Pryce now plays Prince Philip.

Dominic West and Elizabeth Debicki have replaced Josh O’Connor and Emma Corrin as Charles and Diana respectively.

New characters enter the fray too this season, including Prime Minister John Major, as played by Jonny Lee Miller.

This casting has got viewers talking, that’s for sure.

Jonny Lee Miller as John Major in The Crown
Viewers have been making the same joke about John Major (Credit: Netflix)

Viewers react to Jonny Lee Miller in The Crown

Upon seeing Jonny Lee Miller as John Major on the show, a number of viewers have been making the same joke online – that being that they find the former PM attractive now.

“Also can we talk about how they made John Major so hot,” one viewer tweeted.

“Twitter has made me feel better about not being the only person having conflicting feelings about Jonny Lee Miller playing John Major. Like John Major is hot now, and I feel dirty saying it,” another said.

“Big cheerio to Jonny Lee Miller for even making John Major hot now,” a third joked.

“Will never forgive the crown for making John Major hot,” another wrote.

“Wait why is John Major weirdly hot on the crown this ain’t right,” a fifth said.

Dominic West as Charles on The Crown
Dominic West plays Charles in series 5 (Credit: Netflix)

Dominic West divides viewers as Charles

It wasn’t just Jonny as John Major that got viewers talking.

Viewers have also been left divided over Dominic West’s portrayal of Charles in the show’s fifth season.

Some viewers simply aren’t convinced by the 53-year-old’s depiction of the now King.

“Did Dominic West even practice trying to sound like Prince Charles?” one viewer tweeted.

“Not buying Dominic West as Charles yet,” another said.

“Usually the casting in The Crown is excellent, but I’m not buying Dominic West as Prince Charles,” a third wrote.

However, some viewers are enjoying his portrayal.

“Dominic West is sooo good at playing Charles, accent is on point,” one viewer tweeted.

“I actually really like Dominic West as Prince (King) Charles,” another said.

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The Crown series 5 is now available to watch on Netflix. 

The Crown | Season 5 Official Trailer | Netflix

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