The Devil’s Hour on Prime Video: Peter Capaldi thriller will return for series 2 and 3

Here's what we know about the second series so far...

Amazon Prime Video has announced that The Devil’s Hour will return for a series 2!

And it won’t end there – the thriller has also been confirmed for a third series, too.

Critics (and us!) loved the time-bending thriller which starred Peter Capaldi as serial killer Gideon Shepherd.

Here’s everything we know about The Devil’s Hour series 2 and 3 so far…

***WARNING: Spoilers ahead for series 1 of The Devil’s Hour***

Gideon Shepherd leans over a chest board in The Devil's Hour
Peter Capaldi will reprise his role as Gideon Shepherd in The Devil’s Hour series 2 and 3 (Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

Will The Devil’s Hour return for series 2?

Prime Video has confirmed that The Devil’s Hour is returning for a series 2 and series 3.

The thriller followed serial killer Gideon Shepherd, who was connected to a woman named Lucy Chambers.

Viewers know she woke up every night at 3:33am – The Devil’s Hour.

We now know that Peter Capaldi will return as Gideon Shepherd, and Jessica Raine will reprise her role as Lucy Chambers.

Cast members Nikesh Patel, Phil Dunster, Meera Syal and Benjamin Chivers (Lucy’s wonderfully creepy kid) will also return in series 2.

There’s no word yet if Alex Ferns will make a comeback as DS Nick Holness…

But fans will remember he quit his job after all of Gideon’s antics in the first series!

Amazon confirms that there’ll also be some new characters joining in series 2 as well.

What’s the start date of the new series?

Filming on the second series will begin next year.

So we hope to see The Devil’s Hour series 2 by the end of 2023.

Steven Moffat executive produces the series.

Isaac and Lucy sit in the therapists office in The Devil's Hour
Benjamin Chivers and Jessica Raine will return in The Devil’s Hour series 2 (Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

How did The Devil’s Hour series 1 end?

The Devil’s Hour series one had a LOT of twists and turns, as Gideon revealed his ability to time travel and change the course of history.

Viewers finally discovered how it all related to Lucy Chambers.

Gideon told Lucy that, by preventing her mother’s suicide when she was a child, it caused her son Issac to be born.

The problem was that Isaac shouldn’t exist – he’s an anomaly in the universe.

And that explains why he was a bit, well, creepy.

Gideon explained that he kidnapped Isaac to remove the anomaly, and told her that Isaac would never be able to love Lucy the way she wanted.

Lucy disagreed and, as she left Gideon, Isaac left her a voicemail where he confirmed, for the first time, that he loved her.

But returning home, a fire had broken out and Lucy’s husband Mike had left Issac in there to burn.

We also saw Gideon attempt to kill himself again, in order to time travel.

In a flash-forward to the future (or to another universe), we saw Lucy as a detective, married to DI Ravi Dhillon.

She seemed to have no apparent knowledge of Issac.

We presumed Gideon had stopped Issac from ever being born…

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The Devil’s Hour series 2 plot

So, how will series 2 of The Devil’s Hour continue with an ending like that?

Amazon tells us “In series 2, Gideon’s true intentions are finally revealed, as he attempts to involve Lucy in his mission to stop an elusive force of evil.

“Simultaneously a sequel and a prequel to the first chapter, expect nothing but the unexpected…”

So, did Gideon fail in his mission to get rid of Isaac?

Does Lucy know the truth about the other universe, and her son?

And what does Gideon want with Lucy this time?!

Well, we can’t wait for the future instalments of The Devil’s Hour to get the answers we need!

Make sure to watch this space for future updates on The Devil’s Hour series 2.

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The Devil’s Hour series 1 is available to binge-watch on Prime Video.

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