Meet ‘The Devil’s Hour’ cast: Peter Capaldi and Jessica Raine star in Amazon Prime thriller

Here's how you recognise everyone in this great line-up

The Devil’s Hour on Amazon Prime is a new and exciting drama about a woman named Lucy who wakes up at 3.33 am every night, and it’s got an incredible cast!

So, who is in the cast of the new Amazon Prime thriller and how do you recognise everyone?

Here’s our cast round-up for The Devil’s Hour.

Peter Capaldi as Gideon in The Devil's Hour, he looks up angrily sitting across from police officers in a interrogation room
Actor Peter Capaldi as Gideon in The Devil’s Hour (Credit: Amazon)

Peter Capaldi as Gideon Shepherd

Peter Capaldi leads the cast as Gideon Shepherd, a mysterious and nomadic criminal who believes he can time travel. His crimes entangle around Lucy Chambers’ life.

The 64-year-old actor has had an impressive career across TV and film!

He’s best known as The Doctor from Doctor Who, he played the infamous character from 2013 until 2017.

You’ll probably also recognise him as Malcolm Tucker from The Thick of It. Peter was nominated for a BAFTA for the role a total of four times, winning Best Male Comedy Performance in 2010.

He also had a memorable stint in Torchwood as John Frobisher.

He also starred in BBC’s The Musketeers as Armand Richelieu, King Louis XIII’s advisor.

Peter Capaldi has also had plenty of impressive film roles! He played Mr Curry in the popular Paddington films.

He’s recently starred in The Personal History of David Copperfield and The Suicide Squad.

He’s next set to star in the new Apple TV+ crime thriller Criminal Record.

Jessica Raine as Lucy Chambers in The Devil's Hour, she stands in a forest and looks lost and confused
Jessica Raines stars in the show as Lucy Chambers (Credit: Amazon)

The Devil’s Hour cast: Jessica Raine plays Lucy Shepherd

Jessica Raine stars in the cast of The Devil’s Hour, the woman who wakes up every night at 3.33 am.

The 40-year-old actress is probably best known for her role as Jenny Lee from Call the Midwife. She played the midwife in the first three series of the show.

She then starred in Thomas Cromwell drama series Wolf Hall as Jane Rochford.

In 2015, Jessica joined the cast of Sky’s Fortitude as Jules Stutter.

You might also recognise her from Acorn TV’s Partners in Crime, which she starred in alongside David Walliams.

She also starred in the Acorn TV period drama Jericho.

She’s appeared alongside Benedict Cumberbatch in the mini-series Patrick Melrose as Julia.

Other well-known TV roles include Emily Waters in Amazon’s Informers and Genevieve in Baptiste.

Jessica most recently starred in Becoming Elizabeth, where she played Catherine Parr in the Tudor period drama.

Film fans will also recognise her from Adventures in Space and Time, Robin Hood and The Woman in Black.

Nikesh Patel as DI Ravi Dhillon, he stands next to a red light in a bar with a worried look and his head down
Nikesh Patel as DI Ravi Dhillon in The Devil’s Hour (Credit: Amazon)

The Devil’s Hour cast: Nikesh Patel as DI Ravi Dhillon

Nikesh Patel, 37, plays DI Ravi Dhillon, the investigator on a string of murders who happens to have a fear of blood.

Nikesh got his start in the horror series Bedlam in 2012, where he played Dan in the first series of the show.

You’ll probably recognise him as Aafrin Dalal from Indian Summers.

He also played Kash in the US miniseries Four Weddings and a Funeral, based on the 1994 Richard Curtis film.

You might also recognise him as Tom from the BBC3 comedy series Starstruck, which is currently filming its third series!

He’s next set to star alongside Lesley Manville in the 2023 film The Critic.

Phil Dunster as Mike Stevens in The Devil's Hour, he looks up in a dark room with a concerned expression on his face
Phil Dunster stars as Mike as part of The Devil’s Hour cast (Credit: Amazon)

Phil Dunster plays Mike Stevens

Actor Phil Dunster plays Mike Stevens, Lucy’s ex-husband.

The 30-year-old actor is probably best known for playing Jamie Tartt in the Apple TV series Ted Lasso.

You might also recognise him as Jamie Cole from the Dawn French series The Trouble with Maggie Cole.

Other well known TV roles include Tristan in Humans and BJ McGory from Save Me.

He also played Lance Corporal Will Jensen in the sixth series of the Military action series Strike Back.

He also starred as Colonel John Armstrong in the 2017 film Murder on the Orient Express.

Ramanique Ahluwalia as Beth Courtney, she folds her arms and has a worried expression in a police uniform
Ramanique Ahluwalia plays PC Beth Courtney in The Devil’s Hour (Credit: Amazon)

The Devil’s Hour cast: Ramanique Ahluwalia as PC Beth Courtney

Ramanique Ahluwalia plays PC Beth Courtney in The Devil’s Hour, who works alongside DI Dhillon on the case.

She’s probably best known for her role in the BBC series Wreck. She starred as Lily in the recent comedy/horror show.

She also starred as Jess in CBBC’s Rebel Cheer Squad, a spin-off of Get Even.

Ramanique has also guest-starred in Vera, Bloods and Rev.

Alex Ferns as DS Nick Holness in The Devil's Hour, he stands in a police room with his hands on his hips and a concerned expression
Actor Alex Ferns as DS Holness in The Devil’s Hour (Credit: Amazon)

Alex Ferns as DS Nick Holness

Alex Ferns, 54, plays DS Nick Holness, DI Dhillon’s partner who worries about his fear of blood.

You’ll probably recognise him as Trevor Morgan from EastEnders. He played the horrible husband of Little Mo Slater between 2000 and 2002.

And that’s not the only soap he’s known for! He also starred as villain Rick Harper in River City back in 2017.

The Scottish actor’s first big role was in the BAFTA-nominated series Rhodes back in 1996.

He also played Alistair in the CBBC series Wolfblood.

He’s recently starred in Netflix‘s The Irregulars and played Sgt. Kostek in the new Star Wars Disney+ series Andor.

Films fans will also recognise him from The Batman, The Wrath of Man and Legend.

Benjamin Chivers as Isaac Turner, he looks to his left in his bedroom with a frown
Benjamin Chivers plays Isaac Turner (Credit: Amazon)

The Devil’s Hour cast: Benjamin Chivers stars as Isaac Stevens

Benjamin Chivers plays Isaac Stevens, Lucy’s son in The Devil’s Hour.

This is actually the talented young actor’s first role!

The 8-year-old star is next set to star as Canary in the upcoming Netflix series Lockwood and Co.

He also recently filmed the movie Napoleon, starring alongside Vanessa Kirby and Joaquin Phoenix.

Jessica Raine, who plays his mother on the show, said this about his performance: “I was really mindful that this is Benji’s first job.

“We did the chemistry read together and it was pretty instant – he was so terrifying. But what’s lovely about Benji is: he is just an actor.

“I can’t explain it any other way. He just clicks into being Isaac – he’s eight years old!”

Meera Syal as Ruby Bennett
Meera Syal plays Dr Ruby Bennett in the show (Credit: Amazon)

Meera Syal plays Ruby Bennett

Actress Meera Syal, 61, stars in The Devil’s Hour as Ruby Bennett, Isaac’s therapist.

She’s probably best known for her role in the Kumars at No. 42, playing Sanjeev’s grandmother, Ummi.

Meera’s been acting since 1984 and has had a lot of impressive roles since!

She’s starred the sketch comedy series The Real McCoys and Goodness Gracious Me.

Fans of The Split will also recognise her as Goldie McKenzie.

Meera’s other well known TV roles include Miranda in Jekyll, Tara Sodi in Holby City and Judge Sonia Sharma in Broadchurch.

Meera also starred in the 2019 film Yesterday.

She’s next set to star as Mrs Sidhu in Mrs Sidhu Investigates, a new crime drama based on the BBC Radio 4 comedy crime drama series of the same name.

She’s married to Unforgotten star Sanjeev Bhaskar.

Barbara Marten as Sylvia, she looks at Lucy with a concerned expression
Barbara Marten as Sylvia Chambers in The Devil’s Hour cast (Credit: Amazon)

Barbara Marten as Sylvia Chambers

Actress Barbara Marten plays Sylvia Chambers, Lucy’s mother who struggles with schizophrenia and dementia.

She’s probably best known for playing Margot in another Amazon Prime series, Sanctuary.

You might also recognise her as Hannah Greg from The Mill.

She also played strict senior nurse Eve Montogermy in Casualty from 1997 until 1999.

The 75-year-old actress has also had stints on The Bill, EastEnders and Brookside.

She also recently starred in the 2020 film The Turning as Mrs Grose.

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Who else stars in The Devil’s Hour cast?

Thomas Dominique aka Guy Tatum from Stay Close plays Lee Warren.

Tom Ashley stars as Sergeant Dorse. You might recognise him as Leyla Harding’s drug dealer, Callum, from Emmerdale.

The Larkins actress Angela Bain also stars in the show.

Sandra Huggett plays Karen Mulligan. She’s best known as DS MacKinnon from Coronation Street.

Kim Allen, who recently featured in Karen Pirie, stars as Young Sylvia.

Jane McCarry, best known as Isa Drennan from Still Game, also features as Bella Holness.

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The Devil’s Hour launches on Friday October 28 2022 on Prime Video.

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