The Devil’s Hour on Amazon Prime: That confusing ending explained!

This show might have the most confusing timeline of all time...

The Devil’s Hour had one of the most confusing timelines we’ve EVER seen on a TV show, so if you need that ending explained – you’re not alone!

The Amazon Prime drama followed a woman named Lucy Chambers who awoke every night at 3:33am.

Viewers knew she was somehow connected to a notorious criminal named Gideon Shepherd.

But the connection was not made clear until the very last episode of The Devil’s Hour

So what was it all about? We have all your answers here!

***WARNING: Spoilers ahead for all six episodes of The Devil’s Hour***

Gideon looks stressed in The Devil's Hour
Gideon revealed all in the final episode… (Credit: Amazon)

Can Gideon tell the future?

The sixth and final episode of the Amazon Prime show began with flashbacks from Gideon’s childhood as he and Lucy finally faced each other.

We saw flashbacks to Gideon’s troubled childhood under his abusive father.

Gideon (Peter Capaldi) found his only relief in his twin brother Malcolm.

His father’s sickening abuse reached such heights that he tried to drive himself and his two sons off a cliff, but luckily they survived…

Viewers later saw Gideon stabbing and murdering his father in revenge.

This inspired Gideon to want to stop tragedies from happening – even if that meant murdering others…

He told Ravi and Lucy: “When I hear about a tragedy, I write down what happened, when, where and whom.

“And in my next life, I fix it.”

For example, he called Mr Slade to prevent him from making child porn in the future.

When Ravi questioned this, asking why he didn’t stop something like 9/11 from happening, Gideon responded that he at least stopped 7/11, another tragedy that he claims he prevented.

Ravi asked why he tortured and murdered Connor Larson and Gideon said that he raped five women in the future.

He experimented with torturing him to have a fear of anything sexual first – but ultimately had to murder him to stop the rapes.

Lucy looks shocked in The Devil's Hour
What did you think of The Devil’s Hour? (Credit: Amazon)

How were Lucy and Gideon connected?

So, that leaves the question of how Lucy (Jessica Raine) and Gideon were connected? What did Gideon prevent in Lucy’s life?

Well, Gideon asked Lucy to “remember the worst night of her life”.

Lucy saw flashbacks of her mother shooting herself, and we know Gideon must’ve changed this as Lucy’s mother is still alive.

It looks like Gideon jammed the gun and prevented Lucy’s mother from killing herself.

Lucy locked Ravi out of the room to confront Gideon about why he needed to kidnap Isaac.

Isaac looks angry outside in The Devil's Hour
Benjamin Chivers plays the wonderfully creepy Isaac in his debut role! (Credit: Amazon)

The Devil’s Hour Ending Explained: Why did Gideon kidnap Isaac?

Lucy was left with the same question as the rest of us – why did Gideon kidnap Isaac?

Gideon explained that by stopping Lucy’s mother from killing herself, it led Lucy to meet Mike and have Isaac.

But Isaac shouldn’t exist. He’s an anomaly, and that explains why he’s a bit, erm, creepy.

And how no one could quite diagnose what was wrong with him.

Gideon said that no matter how much Lucy tried to love him, Isaac would never love her back because he was never meant to exist.

Lucy disagreed, and said that she believed Isaac DID love her.

As Ravi broke back into the room, Gideon begged Lucy to give her shoelace to him.

DI Ravi holds his phone with a stressed expression
Did you see that ending coming? (Credit: Amazon)

The Devil’s Hour Ending Explained: Did Lucy and Ravi get married?

In episode 5, we saw Lucy and Ravi (Nikesh Patel) share a kiss as they investigated Gideon together.

In the same episode, we saw a vision of them getting married, presumably in the future.

But, as all the drama built up at the end of The Devil’s Hour, it seems like that wasn’t the case.

We saw Mike, Lucy’s ex-husband, watching Isaac as he poured beer over his head to get a reaction out of the boy.

Isaac, of course, barely reacted before taking his phone and calling Lucy.

Because she was still with Gideon, she didn’t answer the phone.

Issac then set his room on fire, and Mike left the home, presumably leaving Isaac to burn!

And Lucy listened to the voice message, where Issac finally told his mother that he loved her. Lucy proved Gideon wrong.

But as Lucy returned home and ran into the fire, nothing made sense.

We saw Ravi panic as he realised that Gideon had taken Lucy’s shoelace. Lucy lay down in the fire and was choking on the smoke.

As everything went blank, an officer approached called Detective Chambers.

We saw images of Ravi and Lucy again, getting married.

Lucy was a Detective in the police, and it was Meredith – the young girl across the street – and her family that were caught in the fire.

Lucy said she just got “deja-vu” as the episode ended.

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The Devil’s Hour ending explained – What happened to Isaac?

We never really got the answer for sure!

But we can presume that Gideon used Lucy’s shoelace to kill himself and once again begin a new life.

In that life, he must’ve let Lucy’s mother kill herself or do something to prevent Isaac from ever being born.

Lucy looked happy with Ravi and didn’t seem to be working as a child protection officer, but as a police detective instead.

So, in this universe, poor Isaac never existed and maybe that was for the best…

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