The Devil’s Hour on Amazon Prime Video review: What the critics are saying

Is it worth our time this Halloween?

The Devil’s Hour hits our screens tonight, but the critics have already cast their verdict – here’s out review round-up to help you decide whether to watch.

The thriller stars Peter Capaldi as a nomadic criminal and Jessica Raine as a woman who wakes up every night at 3.33 am.

So, is The Devil’s Hour worth watching?

The review round-up for The Devil’s Hour is in… (Credit: Amazon)

The Devil’s Hour review: Is it worth watching?

The Devil’s Hour is a six-episode thriller that follows a woman named Lucy Chambers who wakes up every night at 3.33 am every night.

Lucy is also a struggling single mum who cares for her elderly mother and has a stressful job in social services.

But her life will reach a boiling point when nomadic criminal Gideon Shepherd (Peter Capaldi) gets involved.

Written by Tom Moran and produced by Steven Moffat, it feels like The Devil’s Hour has all the right stuff to be the perfect binge.

So, what have the critics said?

Joel Golby from The Guardian describes the show as a “perfectly freaky little Halloween treat”.

He adds that the Amazon thriller “has all the component parts to be very, very good. However, I can’t quite tell if it is good or not.”

And he’s not alone it not quite placing The Devil’s Hour as good or bad!

Emma Loffhagen at the Evening Standard thinks: “The show hinges on an interesting premise and is initially intriguing, it slips too easily into cliché.”

Phil Wheat at Nerdly definitely thinks it’s worth a binge though: “It’s superb must-see TV scripting, it really is.

“I’ll be binge-watching all six episodes as soon as they hit Amazon.”

L-R - Isaac (Benjamin), Lucy Chambers (Jessica Raine), they sit on a sofa in an office with worried expressions
Will you be watching The Devil’s Hour? (Credit: Amazon)

Performances from Peter Capaldi and Jessica Raine are full of praise…

One thing critics can agree on is that Jessica Raine and Peter Capaldi both shine in their performances in The Devil’s Hour.

The Guardian says Jessica Raine “is doing a superb job as Lucy, the whirring centre of the whole thing”. And we couldn’t agree more!

The Call the Midwife actress is superb in the role of Lucy Chambers, constantly pushed to her breaking point.

And Peter Capaldi always dazzles in his roles, and The Devil’s Hour is no exception.

The Evening Standard writes “Peter Capaldi is also typically commanding”.

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The Devil’s Hour review: Everyone’s talking about the creepy kid…

And it’s not just Peter Capaldi and Jessica Raine’s performances getting praise – all the critics can’t stop talking about Benjamin Chivers as Isaac.

This is the young actor’s first role, and he absolutely excels as Lucy’s unfeeling and quite creepy son Isaac.

The Guardian writes that we’ll all be “pleased to hear” that “there’s a weird little creep boy” in the show.

A creepy kid trope is a classic in horror, and it looks like it works perfectly in The Devil’s Hour.

The Evening Standard agrees: “We all love a The Omen-esque creepy child, even if it is overdone.”

So, we think The Devil’s Hour is definitely worth the watch, just in time for a time-bending, creepy Halloween binge!

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The Devil’s Hour launches on Friday October 28, 2022 on Prime Video.

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