Chaske Spencer: From Twilight’s Sam Uley to The English’s Eli Whipp on BBC Two

Do you remember his character from Twilight?

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Chaske Spencer plays Pawnee ex-Cavalry scout Eli Whipp in The English on BBC Two, but viewers might recognise him for another HUGE role.

The actor previously starred in the Twilight films.

So who did he play in the ridiculously successful franchise, and what else has the actor been in?

How old is he, and is he married?

Here’s everything you need to know about the Eli Whipp actor Chaske Spencer from The English

Eli Whipp stands proudly in The English
Chaske Spencer plays Eli Whipp in The English (Credit: BBC)

Who plays Eli Whipp in The English?

Chaske Spencer stars as Eli Whipp in The English.

He plays the Pawnee ex-Cavalry scout who accompanies Lady Cornelia Locke (Emily Blunt) on her journey to Hoxem, Wyoming.

Chaske brought his own experiences as a Native American into the role.

He said: “My own personal experience as a Native American played a lot into this character.

“I tried to bring that to life and to represent him as genuinely as I possibly could.

“As a Native American man, and an actor and artist, it’s pretty rare to be a lead in a project like this.

“I have to say I had amazing support from Hugo [Blick], Emily [Blunt] and the crew – it made me feel comfortable to take risks in this character.”

How do you pronounce Chaske?

Lots of fans are wondering how to pronounce Chaske’s name!

It’s pronounced, “chess-kay”.

The name has Native American origins and means cheerful.

However, it is sometimes translated to “first-born son”.

Chaske Spencer starred as werewolf Sam Uley in Twilight (Credit: YouTube)

Who did Chaske Spencer play in Twilight?

Chaske played Sam Uley in the Twilight franchise.

He joined the series in the second film, New Moon.

Sam was the leader of Jacob Black’s werewolf pack.

We first met him in New Moon when Bella (Kristen Stewart) worried about the influence he had over Jacob, unaware that he was becoming a werewolf.

Sam had an important storyline which introduced Bella to the important concept of imprinting.

He imprinted on Emily Young, leaving ex-girlfriend and jealous wolf Leah Clearwater totally heartbroken – and bitter as hell.

Later in the series, Jacob succeeded Sam as alpha of their wolf pack.

Jacob refused to kill Bella and Edward’s vampire baby, and instead imprinted himself on the baby.

Completely normal Twilight stuff, of course!

What else has Chaske Spencer been in?

Chaske had a couple of minor roles before starring in the Twilight series.

After starring in the huge franchise, he went on to portray Billy Raven in the US crime drama series Banshee.

He’s also played Chayton Dockery in the Prime Original series Sneaky Pete.

Chaske portrayed baddie Dominic Masters in the fifth series of the US crime series Blindspot, as well as having small roles in the Netflix series The Society and Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

He recently starred in the critically acclaimed film Wild Indian.

Fans will soon be able to see him in Marvel series Echo on Disney+, in which hero Maya Lopez reconnects with her Native American roots.

We can’t wait to see more from the talented Chaske!

Are you a fan of Chaske? (Credit: BBC)

Where is he from and how old is he?

Chaske was born in Oklahoma, but grew up between Montana and Idaho.

He was born on March 09 1975.

He is currently 47 years old.

What tribe is Chaske Spencer from?

Chaske is a member of the Fort Peck Tribe, a reservation in Montana.

His Native American heritage includes links to Lakota, Nez Perce, Cherokee and Creek groups.

Chaske Spencer wife – is he married?

Chaske Spencer is reportedly single, and remains tight-lipped about his private life.

He was previously dating girlfriend Emilee Wegmer, with whom he attended plenty of red carpet events.

However, the pair haven’t been pictured together since 2014.

He has hinted that his addictions were the cause of at least one break-up when he was younger (see below).

Actor Chaske Spencer on the set of The English (Credit: BBC)

Chaske’s struggle with addiction…

Chaske has been open about his struggle with alcohol and drug addiction.

He admits that he began drinking while growing up on a reservation in his teens.

When he later moved off the reservation, he relied on alcohol and drugs to socialise in new circles.

He told The Daily Illini: “I lost my apartment, I lost the girl, I lost my career.

“Next thing I know, I was broke.

“I just woke up and I had enough.

“The other option is death.”

After going to rehab and getting clean, his agent sent him to audition for his role in Twilight.

Chaske has been sober ever since, and advocates for education on addiction, especially for Native American people.

What is The English actor Chaske Spencer’s height?

According to the actor’s IMDb page, he is 6 foot 2 inches, or 1.88 m.

Some sites claim he is even taller, but IMDb tends to be the most accurate source!

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What is Chaske Spencer worth?

Chaske Spencer’s net worth is estimated to be worth around $1.5 million dollars.

That’s around £1.3 million.

With Chaske’s recent success in The English and his upcoming Marvel role, we’re sure his fortune is only going to grow!

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