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The One Show: Ronan Keating forced to apologise to Jane McDonald over Alex Jones’ comments


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Jane McDonald appeared on The One Show in early 2023 to promote her series of Holidaying with Jane McDonald.

However, Ronan Keating had to step in and apologise for Alex Jones’ comments about the star.

Viewers agreed that Jane didn’t appear to take too kindly to the comments from Alex about her travels in Las Vegas.

So what happened? Read on and we’ll tell you!

Jane McDonald sits on The One Show sofa
Jane McDonald joined Alex Jones and Ronan Keating on The One Show in 2023 (Credit: BBC)

The One Show: Ronan Keating forced to apologise to Jane McDonald

Jane McDonald joined presenters Ronan Keating and Alex Jones on The One Show in January 2023, but things got a little awkward when Ronan Keating was forced to apologise to Jane after Alex made some comments about Jane’s experience on a zip wire.

The show aired a clip of Jane on a massive zip-wire which takes visitors across Las Vegas sights at a high speed and height.

But after watching the clip, Alex said: “So this is you on a zip wire. Does this go all the way through Vegas?”

Jane replied and said: “Yes, it goes through this massive mall, which is the old Strip.”

But it all got a bit awkward when Alex said: “But it looks like it’s going quite slow to be fair.”

Jane instantly replied: “No it’s not. It’s going quite fast! Just thought I’d get that in.”

Ronan laughed it off and added in a “sorry about that” for Jane.

Jane cheekily added: “See my hair flowing behind me, that’s because it’s going quite fast!”

Alex joked along and agreed: “Fair enough!”

Alex Jones and Ronan Keating laugh on The One Show
Alex and Ronan laughed off Jane’s comments (Credit: BBC)

Viewers had a lot to say about the awkward exchange

And viewers claimed they could feel the awkwardness through the screen after the exchange between Jane and Alex.

One fan took to Twitter to say: “I don’t think Jane McDonald took too kindly to what Alex Jones said about the zip wire!! #theoneshow”

Another added: “Jane will have a go at anything. Love her travel programmes.”

A third fan added: “Need to watch more of @TheJaneMcDonald on the telly as she’s made me laugh out loud this evening.”

Well, it’s clear that fans found the humour in the awkward moment between Jane and Alex!

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