Beth (Lisa Palfrey) stands by her car, and Will (Lloyd Everitt) is on the phone at his building site

The Pact series 2 episode 5 review – five things we want to know [Spoilers]

The secrets and lies began to unfold in the Rees family

Here’s our The Pact series 2 episode 5 review – as the web of lies woven by mum Christine Rees began to be exposed.

We have five burning questions after watching episode 5!

**Warning: spoilers ahead for The Pact series 2 episode 5***

Beth (Lisa Palfrey) standing beside her car in The Pact series 2
Beth wants answers (Credit: BBC/Little Door Productions/Simon Ridgway)

The Pact series 2 episode 5 review: Will Beth confront Christine?

Christine’s friend and fellow social worker Beth has smelled a rat.

She found photos and documents which Christine (Rakie Ayola) had run through the shredder at work.

They were items Christine stole from Connor’s flat – the lad who claimed to be her son.

Beth patiently stuck some of them together, and spelled out “Kate Daniels?” in Connor’s handwriting.

She knew Kate (Elizabeth Berrington) was a social worker who Christine had previously worked with.

Connor was trying to piece together the mystery around his life that led to him growing up in care.

But when Beth drove to Kate’s house to find out more, she was being brought out in a body bag.

Does Beth suspect Christine was involved? Will she confront her friend and demand answers?

Or will she go straight to the police with her suspicions?

Rakie Ayola as Christine standing on Penarth Pier in front of Connor (Jordan Wilks)
Christine has spun a web of lies (Credit: BBC/Little Door Productions/Simon Ridgway)

The Pact series 2 episode 5 review: Is Christine actually evil?

Christine started out as a confident social worker and slightly overbearing mum.

Now we know just how controlling and dangerous she is.

She told her children that their father Harry disappeared when they were young – yet she had secretly visited him in prison.

Also, when she went to see her former colleague, Kate, she threatened her over their ‘”secret” and began trashing the house.

Elizabeth Berrington as Kate, sitting on a bed looking wistful in The Pact series 2 review
Why did Kate (Elizabeth Berrington) avoid Connor? (Credit: BBC/Little Door Productions/Simon Ridgway)

Christine only stopped when Kate gave her the original documents she wanted: copies of the case files on Connor, the lad claiming to be her son.

Now Kate is dead. Did Christine kill her? Or have something to do with it?

Previously, Christine also let her son Jamie (Aaron Anthony) think he was solely responsible for Connor’s death when he hit him with a bottle.

But Christine had secretly drugged Connor, so that could be the reason he collapsed.

What is the secret that Kate helped her keep, and how does Connor fit into it?

Kayla (Kristy Phillips) in character in The Pact series 2 looking troubled
Could Kayla’s baby secretly be Christine’s grandchild? (credit: BBC/Little Door Productions/Simon Ridgway)

Was Liam the father of Kayla’s baby?

We saw a softer side to social worker Christine when she was looking after troubled Kayla (Kristy Phillips), a girl on her at-risk register.

Kayla asked Christine to be there for the birth.

And when Kayla turned up at her house with the baby, Christine tucked her into her dead son Liam’s bed to rest.

But a flashback showed Kayla and Liam secretly taking drugs together.

Is Kayla linked to his overdose? Could her baby – also called Liam – secretly be his child?

Christine seems to have no idea about the link between Kayla and Liam.

Will she discover that she’s baby Liam’s grandmother?

Sam (Rebekah Murrell) sit next to megan with a glass of wine in her kitchen looking worried
Has Sam (Rebekah Murrell) reached breaking point? (Credit: BBC/Little Door productions/Simon Ridgway)

The Pact series 2 episode 5 review: Will Sam stop covering for Will?

With her son Alfie getting into serious trouble at school, Sam realised that the violence at home had to stop.

Her husband Will (Lloyd Everitt) hadn’t hit either her or Alfie yet, but she feared he’d take his rage out on them next.

Then little Alfie put a child in A&E by throwing a chair at him, and she decided enough was enough.

Sam told Will she was leaving.

But she also mentioned she’d stopped work on filling in the mine shaft at their development. Sam had asked the workers to do so because they didn’t have the paperwork.

She didn’t realise Connor’s body was down the shaft – or that Will had put it there.

Jordan Wilks as Connor, looking menacing
Newcomer Jordan Wilks plays Connor (Credit: BBC/Little Door Productions/Simon Ridgway)

She’d already covered for Will – telling the police they left the wedding together.

Will said he left the wedding early because he was sick. But Sam didn’t believe him.

She had no idea it was because he was dumping Connor’s body.

Then the episode ended with blue-light police cars swarming over the building site.

Have they found Connor?

Will Sam come clean with the police and tell them everything she knows.

Or has the web of lies drawn her in too deep?

Mali Ann Rees as Megan in The Pact series 2, looking over her shoulder, worried
Megan feels responsible for Liam’s death (Credit: BBC/Little Door Productions/Simon Ridgway)

Was Megan really the last person to speak to her brother Liam?

After attacking his brother Jamie in a rage, Will calmed down and said Liam’s overdose was his fault.

He said he gave addict Liam a pile of money and told him to get wasted.

But Jamie said Liam also phoned him at uni and wanted to visit on the day he died.

And Megan insisted she was the last person to speak to Liam, after he called her on a night out.

All three siblings feel responsible for Liam’s death, but are they?

And what is the connection between Connor and Liam, who looked like twins?

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