The Repair Shop fans stunned as new expert joins the show: ‘You look very young’

Pierro is bringing his expertise

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The Repair Shop has a new expert in town and fans have already welcomed him with open arms!

Tonight (September 27) sees camera expert Pierro Pozella make his debut and offer up his expertise on the BBC show.

But who is Pierro and how are fans reacting to the news?

The Repair Shop experts including new Pierro
Pierro Pozella (left) makes his debut tonight (Credit: BBC)

The Repair Shop: New expert Pierro Pozella

Pierro is a 27-year-old camera expert who admits he’s had a “different way into the repair industry”. He explained in an interview with the BBC: “When I started repairing film cameras over a decade ago, the world had already moved onto digital, so you couldn’t just go to a factory and learn from the specialists – I had to teach myself.

“What led me into repairs was my fascination for analogue cameras and the history that they hold. As film cameras were deemed redundant at the time, there was a surplus of broken cameras being binned as people didn’t know what to do with them.

“It seemed crazy to me that cameras nearly 100 years old were just ending up in landfill and I wanted to change this.”

What else has Pierro said?

He continued: “To understand how these cameras worked, I started by pulling them apart to learn how to fix them. Through this process of reverse engineering, I was able to gain the knowledge I needed, to repair and save these cameras. After a few years of in-depth study across a range of cameras, I was able to approach companies in London to start working on customers repairs.

“This gave me the space to build my confidence as I worked on more complex and high-end cameras. Alongside this, I continued to build my reputation for repairing film cameras.

“Since then, I found a master repairer who was finally ready to pass on their knowledge. Training under their supervision has filled gaps in my repair skills and enabled me to further refine my craft. It is what continues to excite me about repairing, as no two cameras are alike so you’re forever learning.”

Pierro Pozella working on a camera on The Repair Shop
Pierro has received a warm welcome from fans (Credit: BBC)

How did Pierro join the show?

Speaking about how he got into The Repair Shop, Pierro explained: “I just got an email, so it was quite out of the blue – I did wonder if it was real or not at first! I was found through my social media which was cool as its taken a while to develop over the years.”

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After a clip was shared to The Repair Shop’s Instagram page, fans began sharing their thoughts. One said: “Brilliant… looking forward to seeing what you do.”

Another wrote: “Welcome! Wishing you lots of fun and success.”

Meanwhile, a third added: “Good luck but you look very young to be an expert.”

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The Repair Shop airs tonight (September 27) from 8pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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