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Emma Willis on ‘fears’ for eldest daughter Isabelle: ‘It makes me think of how my poor mum must’ve felt’

Emma's eldest daughter is 13

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Emma Willis previously opened up about her fears for her eldest daughter Isabelle, admitting it’s made her think about her own “poor mum”.

Emma – who appears on Bake Off on June 9 – has three children with her husband Matt – Isabelle, 14, Ace, 12, and Trixie, eight. The TV star opened up about her “fears” for her own daughter.

Emma Willis interviewed on This Morning
TV star Emma Willis opened up about her fears as a mum (Credit: Youtube)

Emma Willis on her fears for her eldest daughter

The former Big Brother host left home at 17 to pursue a modelling career, after her mum’s friend suggested she’d be a great model. Emma moved to London and worked for major brands including Chanel, Gap and Vogue. Her past got her thinking about her own daughter’s future. Emma told iNews in 2022 that she can’t imagine her then 13-year-old daughter leaving home in just four years.

It makes me think of my poor mum and how she must have felt.

She confessed: “The fear that would go through me. It makes me think of my poor mum and how she must have felt.” Emma admitted she felt “so grown up” at the time but now realises she was “really young and immature”.

Emma also admitted she was “lucky” that she was never made uncomfortable during her early modelling career. But Emma explained it’s probably because she was on “high alert” and she knew she “needed to be careful”.

Emma Willis poses for The Voice
Emma Willis also hosts The Voice Kids (Credit: ITV)

Emma’s ‘traumatising’ birth with first baby

Fans of Emma Willis’ Delivering Babies will know that the maternity care assistant has been around a lot of births, but she admitted the birth of her daughter Isabelle wasn’t easy. Emma went in for a “natural” birth with her first daughter, but it almost turned into an emergency section.

She explained: “That baby was literally pulled out of me. I had so much trauma.” For her second baby, she also explained was “terrified” and decided to have an elective section. Emma added that looking back, maybe she should’ve tried for a vaginal birth but she “did what was right” at the time.

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