Sir Tom Jones looks surprised and appears on The Voice

The Voice: Tom Jones cut this one thing out of his diet to lose ‘two stone in five months’

He quit working out and it led to weight gain…

The Voice star Sir Tom Jones has previously opened up about losing weight after not being able to fit into his clothes.

The much-loved pop legend and star of The Voice has melted fans’ hearts for nearly 60 years.

But the Delilah and Sex Bomb star revealed startling weight loss over a decade ago after reportedly overhauling his diet.

Tom Jones smiles widely
Tom Jones decided to change his diet (Credit: YouTube)

How did The Voice star Tom Jones lose weight?

Tom, now 82, reflected on his decision to change his approach after he noticed changes when he took a break from working out.

Speaking on BBC Radio 2 in the summer of 2011, he indicated he may have indulged more than usual the Christmas before.

Furthermore, as well as altering his approach to grub and exercise, Tom also reconsidered his alcohol intake.

And, according to reports, Tom’s changes produced results – he is believed to have lost two stone in just five months.

Tom Jones performing in the Sixties
Tom Jones belts out the hits (Credit: YouTube)

Sir Tom Jones on gaining weight

Tom noted during his radio appearance how he hadn’t expected to see an increase in his weight.

However, when he did he decided he had to take action. That moment came as he reached the 16-and-a-half-stone mark.

“I was putting too much weight on,” he said at the time.

“I didn’t think I was going to and I left the working out for a bit, thought I’d keep a check on it. But with the Christmas puddings and cakes, before I knew it I was 230lb which was 30lb more than I should be.

“I couldn’t get into my suits. That’s when I thought, this has got to stop.”

Tom Jones looks surprised
Tom Jones said he couldn’t fit into his suits (Credit: TYouTube)

‘Caveman’ approach

After consulting a dietician, Tom was advised to follow a more Paleo-style diet, sometimes likened to ‘caveman’ eating.

He explained: “It tells you to get back to what we used to eat when we were hunters and gatherers. Eat anything that’s natural – meat, fish, veg.”

Eat anything that’s natural – meat, fish, veg.

However, as well as removing processed foods from his diet, Tom also cut back on the booze.

The It’s Not Unusual star added at the time: “I’ve got a 12-pack, but health is very important and that’s a lot of luck. You’ve got to take care of yourself.

“The dietician asked: ‘How much do you drink?’ I told him I like a bottle of red wine with my dinner. ‘To yourself?’ he said.

“What I didn’t tell him was I’d started off with a martini, had a cognac and a bottle of champagne too.”

It seems Tom also maintains a healthy lifestyle with a spot of boxing training.

The star revealed in 2018 as he reflected on sparring with his trainer following his recovery from a viral infection: “He puts the gloves on and we do a couple of rounds in the gym, which is really good. It’s a good cardiovascular workout.

“It keeps me on my toes. I do it twice a week. I get in the gym whenever – three times a week usually.”

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