Emily Watson and Denise Gough in Too Close on ITV

Too Close on ITV: Four burning questions we need the answers to after episode one!

It was a great start to the series

Too Close on ITV introduced viewers to an intense psychological drama tonight (Monday April 12).

Starring Emily Watson and Denise Gough, it told the story of a forensic psychiatrist and a patient in a psychiatric unit.

With two more episodes to come, here are the questions we want answered in tomorrow night’s second instalment!

Too Close ITV
Emma and Connie in Too Close (Credit: ITV)

Why has Connie got under Emma’s skin so much?

Despite being an experienced forensic psychiatrist, Dr Emma Robertson (Emily Watson) immediately seemed shaken by Connie.

Connie, who had seen several shrinks before her, evidently wanted to put the new woman through her paces.

Right from the get-go, Connie was at her – chiding her, using sweary language… anything she could think of to get under her skin.

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However, Emma was trying her best to stick to the case at hand.

But Connie kept on coming, and Emma was clearly shaken.

So why were Connie’s often mean words taken to heart by Emma?

Denise Gough as Connie in Too Close on ITV
Why did Connie commit the crime? (Credit: ITV)

Why did Connie drive the car off the bridge?

Right at the start of the episode we saw a clearly distressed Connie drive off a bridge.

In the back of her car were two children.

One of them was her own, and presumably the other was neighbour Ness’s (Thalissa Teixeira).

Since the crime, Connie couldn’t remember what happened and in a series of flashbacks viewers saw her blossoming friendship with Ness.

In fact, Connie seemed to be obsessed with Ness and the two grew closer as the episode went on.

So did Connie drive the car off the bridge because of something that happened between her and Ness?

Or was it something else that, literally, tipped her over the edge?

too close on itv
What happened to Emma and her husband? (Credit: ITV)

What happened to Emma and husband Si’s daughter?

Throughout the episode, viewers were aware that something wasn’t quite right with Emma and Si’s home life.

It was something that Connie picked up on, and Emma seemed unhappy with something. A real deep sorrow and unhappiness.

In fact, Si had asked if taking Connie’s case was the right thing to do in the wake of… what?

Later, we saw Emma and Si chatting in their bathroom about their daughter.

It was evident that the couple lost her some years before and were struggling to reignite their relationship.

But what happened to the child?

Ness in Too Close
Is Ness up to something? (Credit: ITV)

Are Ness and Karl in cahoots?

As we’ve mentioned, Connie and Ness became closer during the episode and Connie seemed infatuated with her.

Ness, however, was in a same-sex relationship.

But, in the final scene, we saw Connie’s husband Karl attempt to deliver a cake to his wife in the psychiatric unit.

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Turned away, he went back to the car.

There waiting for him in the car was Ness, and they held hands.

So, could this mean the two of them conspired against Connie?

And, if so, what did they do and why did they do it? Or was it just innocent support? Hmmmm, we can’t wait to find out.

Too Close continues on ITV tomorrow at 9pm. You can watch episode one again or if you missed it on ITV on ITV Hub.

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