James Nesbitt and Antonia Thomas on Suspect

Channel 4’s Suspect: Crime-thriller fans’ new TV obsession by Matt Baker

Suspect is a nail-biting series on Channel 4, but who wrote it?

Suspect on Channel 4 is the next TV obsession for crime-thriller fans, but who wrote it?

The series is unlike any other drama as viewers get to watch two episodes back-to-back, treating fans to a double showing every night until the final episode on Wednesday (June 22 2022).

After the first two episodes aired last night, viewers were left clinging to the edge of their seat!

So who wrote the gripping series and will there be a season 2?

James Nesbitt looks serious on Suspect
Suspect stars Line of Duty’s James Nesbitt as a veteran cop seeking the truth about his daughter’s death (Credit; Channel 4)

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Who wrote Suspect on Channel 4?

Suspect tells the heartbreaking story of a veteran detective, Danny, who finds his estranged daughter dead in the hospital mortuary.

You’d have to have a heart of stone not to have felt anguish when Danny crumpled at the sight of his dead daughter Christina.

Despite the autopsy revealing that she died of suicide, Danny refuses to accept it and sets off to uncover the truth of his daughter’s death.

However, while on his crusade, the desperate detective discovers more about his daughter’s increasingly dark life and his own failings as a father.

The highly anticipated detective series is written by Matt Baker.

Antonia Thomas frowning on Suspect
Matt Baker wrote Suspect, which stars Antonia Thomas (Credit: Channel 4)

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What has Matt Baker written before?

Matt Baker is a TV screen writer who’s known for writing the Britbox original Hotel Portofino which also came out this year.

The series follows an English family who bring the drama and chaos to Italy with them, when they open a luxurious hotel on Italian Riviera.

He also wrote the crime drama Professor T about a lecturer with OCD who solves crimes in his spare time.

Actor Ben Miller led the cast of Professor T, and also appears in the cast of Suspect.

Writer Matt Baker – no relation to the TV presenter of the same name – is also known for his work on Before We Die which is another crime drama.

The series followed detective DI Hannah.

The boss forced her to do desk work in the hope that she’d retire of boredom.

However, she set off on a chaotic manhunt when her colleague went missing.

Imogen King smiling on Suspect
Channel 4 hasn’t confirmed Suspect season 2 yet (Credit: Channel 4)

Will there be a Suspect season 2?

There are only eight episodes of Suspect season one, and fans are saying that it’s not enough!

After the series’ strong start, viewers are all hooked on the crime-thriller and eager to know if there will be a season 2.

So will there be another season on the cards for the Channel 4 series?

Channel 4 has not yet confirmed whether there will be a season 2 of Suspect.

However, after its huge reaction from fans, there’s no reason for the Channel 4 not to consider another season for the detective series.

We love the concept of eight suspects divided over eight episodes, and it could return with a new story and new cast.

Watch this space!

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Suspect continues on Channel 4 on Monday June 20 at 9pm and 9.30pm, Tuesday June 21 at the same time, and concludes on Wednesday June 22 2022.

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